Gentle Reminders...

I was reading this and thought it was a good thing share...I liked a lot of the suggestions as they are simple and sweet. I could see an adaptation for doing this with friends as well...

I got a great email from my sis and boy, did it make me feel better. Funny, how writing to someone who knows you, can make a difference on how you feel. Just a good feeling. :)

I'm still here, waiting for things to progress with baby #3...I may go in earlier as I want things to progress faster...I'm almost ashamed to say but the ultra sound said this kids weighing at 10 pounds 11 ounces. It's based on measurements and since we are both tall, I guess, this would make sense he'd weight a bit more. Sigh...Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

The weather is turning icy and cold. Schools are closing down and, I really feel good about homeschooling now! It's a relief not to have to trudge out there. I guess I'm a bit spoiled by my memories of S. California school life. Boy, did we have it good...boring as heck, but good. No wonder we were all tan and brown...we had way more sun exposure and outside play. Oddly, the air quality wasn't that great; still isn't. I'd have to say that this area has better air and is just cleaner. Maybe people care more around here or less population/combination. Of course, if you went back a 100 years, there'd be a lot of pollution with coal burning/trains. It's a bit ironic that things get cleaned up once all the industry dies away (at least old industry).

Jon is anxious about the baby...I'm glad as I was starting to think everyone was too nonchalant about this. I'm excited and nervous but mostly annoyed the weather is so cold/icy. I don't want to have to rush in bad weather but either way, it looks like I'll have to deal with it. I'm ready...I've got my yak traks/bags set to go.

Well, other than that, just doing school work with the kids, planning on doing some baking (maybe), and taking it easy. For the first time in a while, I'm sleeping like a baby and don't have insomnia. Amazing.


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