A messy home equals a happy home

That's how I feel. My house is messy, smells of cookies, mint chocolate coco, baby wipes and has crumbs and bits of wrapping through out the living room, dining room and upstairs. And yet, there is a peaceful happiness to being blessed with these bits of paper and what nots. Sure, we'll clean up but for now, we're happy and content in our mess. Esp. the popcorn mess (we got a popcorn maker from sissy...and boy, does that smell good). I don't really mind and it's these times that are so fleeting and young, I suppose (that's what everyone is telling me), this is what I should be thinking about. I'm so glad to have my little one here and help to remind me of all the times we had with my two gals. Where have the years gone? They have moved so quickly...too quickly. There is so much a new addition adds to a home...certainly, time becomes an issue, money seems to fly away with diapers and life balances out in a different way. All in all, a baby is a great thing...for me, he helps me to remember all the experiences I had with my little whirlwinds. Thank goodness. I sometimes feel like I forget so much in all the haze of life. And I feel glad to embrace new experiences with him.

We had a great Christmas...I still need to send out some late presents...things I was working on when I got a little pause. We also went to mom-in-laws for dinner…it was really good steak with potatoes and green beans. Plus, stuffing rolled into balls and baked…boy, was that good. I didn’t feel like I ate too much because I forgot to eat lunch (actually, I slept through lunch as I was so tired from the night before).

It was a bit funny, as we exchanged gifts with my sis-in-law and their kids. Their little one, who is 3, had a total tantrum about getting a gift. She really liked the wrapping paper on another gift but made such a fuss, it was a bit much. I guess she was tired or something. Otherwise, it was a relaxed evening…the biggest excitement being getting to their house when the world seems shrouded in ice. Oh, the ice…slippery and vexing, a demon of deception…tamed only briefly by salt. Never in my life have I been so vehemently opposed to something from nature as ice. Thankfully, Jon threw lots of salt, so much so, his hands are red chapped things. Poor dear…

Well, I think I'll go and get ready for bed. It's been a long day and sleep sounds really, really good. :) Merry Christmas to everyone! Stay warm...I'm dreaming of palm trees and warm breezes. :)


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