Minor meltdowns

It seems to always hit about 11:30 am...the grumbly tummies of little ones. I have a feeling I was like that as a kid (actually, I know I was). I'd get grumpy and be a total Tasmanian devil until I got a snack. That's what happened to us today. The snack critters attacked and I had to have a break for snacks or else face the wrath of two grump monsters. (rolling eyes)

You'd think I didn't feed them breakfast or something. I'm just going to have to remember they need snacks at about 11:30 or else. Scary...Why do they never tell me they are hungry? They tell grandma...but not me. sigh...maybe, I'm not listening enough.

I'm still hanging in there, in terms of pregnancy. I've been feeling contractions but nothing steady...wish me luck because I really don't want to birth a 15 pounder or anything like that. I feel like I'm a guinea pig test subject...see how long she can go before she explodes. I know that's not true and I have a doctors appointment today...but really! I want this done...even labor sounds good (well, almost).

Well, at least we got a bit of school work done, for now. I'll be doing more. Also, we started doing girl scouts and I hope to go to one of their activities soon. Lots to do, but all is good.

I painted a bunch of paintings last night, about 30 and if everything goes smoothly this week, will post them on eBay. But I'm having second thoughts with being so close to labor, etc. So, we shall see.

The great thing is I'm much further along then I thought with cyber school...quite a bit actually. The kids are doing great and once the baby is here, maybe I can even show the grandparents how to do a few things and keep the pace going. :)


Nina said…
Hi Emily
Wow I didnt know you were having a baby.Did you mention it at all on flickr ,cause if you did so sorry I missed it.I hope all turns out well for you♥
Emily said…
Hi, Nina!
Yes, I'm having a baby! And pretty soon...I didn't mention it to flickr, yet. Been so busy! :)
Thank you so much! :)

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