Sick kiddos

I feel a bit down as I had to miss the last art was just too much (not so much for me, though I felt really tired) for my youngest. I guess she has a stomach flu...we visited a friend and she had an explosion there. Poor kid...then, another one when we got home and still another one. There was one last night but I thought it was due to milk/cheese consumption. But it looks like a tummy flu. Yucky.

So, we took today easy and decided not to push the poor kids into going/spreading more germs. I feel bad about going out to visit (didn't realize it was a flu thing!).

Anyway, we'll survive. The weather must have dropped 20 degrees as it's cold...I had the thermostat down at 45 and now, I have had to turn it up to 60. It's that cold...all in a few hours. I really feel the difference about 2-3pm. This seems to be when the temps really drop and ice can be a serious issue/danger. This is one reason I do cyber school...I just don't want anyone falling down or getting into an accident...and of course, schools are let out at about this time too.

I lost my glasses again and have my trusty old pair. I can hardly wait to get another pair (in January). I tried contacts and I really am not the contact type...I get too nervous about touching my eye and they start spasming on me. So, frames are the way to go for me. I say that now when it's cold and not humid when my glasses slid off my nose. Oh, well.

It looks like we're going to have a white Christmas...25 degrees till the 13th of December, at least. I can't believe it. We had our first snow a few days before Halloween, it melted but came back in time for Thanksgiving. It just seems to be a lot colder this year. I hope we get a bit of a break...possibly by January. It just feels like the seasons have gotten mixed up and off track. Obviously, this has to do with pollution and, what I had read somewhere, large amounts of water being changed from their usual/normal coarse by dams, etc. Given these circumstances, no wonder everything is a bit out of sorts.

I'm feeling a lot better now that I am dealing with the sinus infection...I thought it was allergies for several weeks. Now, I know better. So, these past few days I've felt more like myself. Of course, I have to watch not going crazy with a bunch of projects...which is very tempting. :)

We did a girl scout thing last night too...ornament exchange. It was fun and the gals liked it most of the time. My eldest had to go chorus practice (their having a show on Saturday and Sunday...hope we all feel up to it) and left early. But I stayed with my youngest. I felt a bit tired after awhile (mostly from a tantruming Lydia...boy, she can be a pickle when she doesn't get her way). So, I sort of zoned out...I should have brought a coffee, but that probably wouldn't have been a good idea. Afterwards, we came home and read books. It was a nice time to bond a bit and just share with each other. Jon had Lydia and the choir director kept everyone later than she should have (esp. with little kids, you can't expect them to stay out past 8:30pm...they have school/schedules!). Lydia came back in a bad mood and was grumpy. She didn't fall asleep till 10:30 pm and after much comforting (she was annoyed the kids have to stand the whole time to sing...rightfully, so).

Anyway, the drama of kid life; guess that's normal. I've got a headache right now...I hope I'm not getting the stomach flu. That's just what I need with everything happening. Dang...
sleepy doggie


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