Friday, September 30, 2005

More paintings on eBay!

Here are a few more paintings and ACEO's I have on ebay!

Check them out and buy one! : )
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  • It's officially the cold season...

    Well, it was bound to happen. I have a cold, the girls have colds and the weather outside is cold. We dropped off Mr. Nelson for his two month hair trim. We're trying out a new dog groomers. It's the "Doggie Den". There was one in Holidaysburg but they closed (apparently, the owner got a job at PSU! Wow!). This one seems really nice. Mr. Nelson got a little scared because of all the machines in the back so hopefully, he'll be all right.

    Then we drove off to the mall and picked up mom-in-laws b-day present. It's the first season of 3rd Rock. I hope she likes it. I hope she doesn't read this either!

    I stopped at Old Navy...never been in there or anything. The prices were much more affordable than I even thought! I got Jon two shirts (retro style) for 1.97 each! That's right, under $2. Wow! Plus, I got a shirt for me at 6.50 and mostly broke the bank on kids stuff (rainboots, ponchos, sweats, etc). Stuff they need, on sale but still added up (esp. when you go by twos). We had a good time and I got them some plastic dinosaurs as a good behavior gift.

    All in all not too bad a day. Plus, I'm working on some new paintings. I'm feeling pretty good considering my head cold/ear ache.

    I did hear some bad news. My brothers car got stolen in Glendale (California). I feel so bad for him. I hope he's doing all right. Plus, they stole all his CD's, jacket, and other stuff. I hope he can at least get the car back but it doesn't look good. Poor guy. These are the times I wish I was really rich or had magical powers. My wonder woman senses start to get activated and I want to rescue the world.

    Bad stuff happens to everyone. But good stuff happens too. Hopefully, the good out weighs the bad.

    Thursday, September 29, 2005

    It feels like good things are happening...

    Great article about changing from fossil fuels to "energy drawn from the wind, tide, sun, Earth's heat, and farm waste". I think this is so incredible and exciting. To me, it shows how we can create new ways for energy and ones that don't destroy people and the land. Very exciting!

    Also, it seems there is trouble brewing with Delay. Could this be the start of something? I wonder...

    Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    It's 10pm

    and I have garlic bread in the oven...late night dinner. I guess I'm more of a night person. I'd be a good vampire. : ) Though I do have a small addiction to seeing sun glint off of flora or early morning snow. I'm starting to think of Winter and Autumn has only just arrived.

    Have you ever seen a Pooh movie? It's like the seasons seem to leap from Autumn to Winter...this is the best depiction of seasonal transition I've seen.

    I feel tired but happy. I need to organize my students art's looking a bit ragged...or rather, well-loved.

    I can't wait till I start adult art classes. I think these are going to be a lot of fun...also, I'll get to communicate with adults for a change. My dream is to one day have an artists studio/classes/gallery. I can do it. I just need to be patient and have a plan.

    Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    Some new work on eBay!

    Here are some paintings I have up on eBay:

    You can view them at:

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  • Bichon on clouds...

    Felt like making more cute animals...sometimes you just have to do cute things to keep sane.

    Mr. Nelson

    Dedicated to the pets missing and found of Katrina.

    Monday, September 26, 2005


    just felt like making a few pink bunnies...

    Pink bunnies in a field

    I hope this does not make too many people gag... : )

    Illustration Friday


    I imagined early in the day, it had been rainy and night came on. The clouds blew away, the stars shown and everything felt fresh and new to this little bird.

    Rainy days and Mondays...

    Boy, do I feel a bit like that song today. Had a piano cancellation (her mom's sick...hope she feels better soon) and so the day kind of dragged on.

    Now, it's all rainy outside and I don't feel like dragging to grumpy kids around. We watched the Tigger Movie we rented (for the fourth time, I think). I never got to see the whole thing, in all that. Been to busy running around. Now, they're watching Betty Bop for the 11th time (not all at once!). The little I saw, I was crying all over the place...darn meaningful cartoons.

    We ate and cried and made a mess all through the house, dropped crumbs on the floor and mashed them into the wood, smeared our faces with chocolate pudding and then added some to the walls, had several poopie diapers, cried to be held because we were fussy and didn't want to eat anything but bananas but were still empty, wrote on the wall, wrapped our hands in thread and we had to have the thread cut off, and we played with paper clay and left little bits all through the 3rd floor studio and we petted the gray cat, Simone, even though she doesn't like to be petted by us and had her ears folded back.

    The good news is yesterday daddy, Jon, took the girls to the campus and they got to see the ducks, run around the chapel and got free ice cream (for the football game? Not really sure why). This gave mom, Emily (me!), time to do some painting for a commission, tidy up the studio (just a little), and had a moment of panic thinking one of the kids ran off and called frantically to in-laws to check up on Jon and kids but acted nonchalant. But all was fine and she (me!) got some much needed work/private time done. Wish I could do that now.

    This rain is needed but I don't like being house I guess I'll go do some laundry. Wish the girls would take a nap and be instantly potty trained. Yeah, right.

    Pumpkins are on my mind...I'll feel better tomorrow. I hate it when Norrie goes SUPER CLINGY on me. It makes me feel emotional, sad, annoyed, want to hide somewhere and yell at every one feeling.

    I got a little letter from my mom with some magazine clippings for Halloween activities. I think I'll try them. I thought it was a fat letter but it wasn't. I was disappointed. But it was a nice surprise to get it nonetheless. I like fat letters filled with anything the loved one wants to share.

    I wish I could take a nap.

    Oh, the piano man came by on Saturday and we now have a very good piano to play. I guess I kind of wanted to show off to my student. I'm really happy it plays well...just wish it wasn't so humid; makes me worry the keys will stick when I play. sigh...

    Oh my gosh, Jon's here!

    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Got a few things done...

    Now I can share some pics! : )

    My Gingko!

    Went to Leighty's Greenhouse and Flower shop on Rt. 220, yesterday. Got some bales of hay, small decorations and looked at the displays with the kids. It was rather impressive.

    Actually got a picture with both gals looks right at me!

    Giant stuffed gorilla.

    Flowers and Lydia

    Display with cows...I thought they were neat!

    Cute little birch bird and wreath.

    They had these fur covered critters...kind of creepy and kind of cute. I think it was rabbit fur...poor things.

    This is a commission I just finished. It came out rather well, I think. : )

    A few things I thought I'd share...

    "Each of us could do something to break the chains of passivity, to change the mindset of helplessness, to join in the process for universal peace."

    Joan Chittister
    Read more here:

    And a really great group, Raging Grannies!

    We all need to be Raging Grannies!

    Pretty good weekend...

    Jon took Friday off and we were able to successfully get my birthday tree, my Gingko! I'm very happy. Finally! It's over due about 1 month and I was seriously starting to get worried, but there it is!

    Why is it so important? When I was a little girl, my first home had a beautiful Gingko in the yard. Taller then the house and just gorgeous, I had many good memories of watching the golden leaves of Autumn swirl around and of my family gathering big piles to jump in. This little tree has to grow some but it is quite beautiful already.

    An interesting fact about Gingko's is the are said to halt Alzheimer’s if drunk as tea. Now, I've got to buy some Gingko tea! Plus, the Gingko is the oldest or one of the oldest trees on earth. Amazing!

    My next trees are going to be birch (3), blue spruce (4-5) and some more evergreens. This yard is nearly devoid of trees...apparently it did have one big beautiful tree but the neighbor kids had destroyed it long before we came here. That is very sad. I wonder why they didn't replace it...

    My sis-in-law is going tulip crazy. She's up to 60 bulbs to plant! It hasn't bitten me yet...I've still got to plant the burning bush I bought and two other mini spruces. Trees are so beneficial. And it always makes me sad when they are cut down. However, if people put back a tree if they cut one down, it makes me feel better.

    My parents-in-law are back from their tour of Michigan's Lighthouses and have lots of great pics to look at. Some are very poetic and interesting and to hear the stories of the people on the tour, is hilarious. I think that's what made it really worthwhile for them...the people. There sure are lots of characters. : ) One older woman liked to gamble and got my mom/dad in-law to hit the casino next to one of the hotels. They don't gamble and didn't know what they were doing but she coached them. They won a five dollar coupon.

    Then there was some older man hitting on some older woman who was with her friend who was going through a divorce. Apparently, the older woman was a good catch with flaming red hair and lots of financial security. But she was already married and dusted him off. He got drunk and proceeded to tell her off. Interesting, strange and kind of funny. They had lots of fun and had a good time. They came back bearing teas, jams (from an Irish festival) and other goodies.

    I've got tons of art things to work on, plants to dig into the ground and chores to do. I just want to go back to bed and sleep but I can't. My allergies are keeping me up now. Very frustrating.

    Plus, I have to clean up for Monday and the rest of the week. I wish I could just zap it all away but that's not going to happen! So, pics will come later and I must get a moving. Have a great Sunday!

    Thursday, September 22, 2005

    Some good news...

    Looks like Ford is going to go hybrid by 2010...five years! Very cool! American made and not a gas guzzler. Ford to boost production of hybrids I say, "Great and it's about freakin time!" : )

    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    Taxes for Good

    Wanted to see a bit about what's happening with the Rita Hurricane...watched PBS and then NBC and then ABC. I found it interesting that many of the reports coming out of Congress/Senate is about pet projects and cutting back of them to scrap up money for rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf.

    However, this whole issue is to side step the real question. The real question is not about cutting back on projects (regardless of need based). The real question is about Taxes. The real question is do we or do we not apply a surtax on high incomes of $200,000 of say $1000? This would be the right thing to do. This and if most of Congress/Senators donated 1 year of their salaries (which I'm sure, they really don't need).

    Another aspect of all stressed relief crews and volunteers. If Bush, did pull out all the troops from Iraq and decided this was not the way to "liberate" people, American people might actually want to join the National Guard. If you want to help your country and join the National Guard but are afraid to be shipped off to Iraq, of course you're not going to join.

    Also, I would be happy to pay more taxes if that meant they were going to help people...not to kill them such as in the Iraq war.

    Pick me up

    Pick me up
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    Just a bit of my day...

    A new day...

    It's funny how, in this crazy world, there are moments that are so beautiful and clear and nearly dazzeling to the eye. It's like they are sandwiched inbetween the ugliness of so much war and distruction by unnatural nature.

    Today was an art day. The kids came over and made pinwheels, and used woodcraving tools for linoleum cut-outs only one carved his hand too (ugh). As Jon likes to say, there needs to be a sacrifice to the Repair Gods. Only in this case, it was the Art Gods. Next time, we'll wear very thick gloves and have butterfly bandages on hand (the kid actually knew which bandage works the best...apparently from lots of practice...sigh).

    After I calmed down and didn't faint (fortunately) things were all right and the regaled me with stories of shark attacks and bears and some how we were talking about mamoths and cave hunts. It's interesting to hear kids at this age talk.

    My daughter was doing heavy metal art work (she likes to swing her head around when she really gets into drawing...I guess she's got some story in her mind that has lots of action). They are so interesting to watch.

    Then Norrie had a break down...lots of people excite her and she got tired and insulted because I wanted her to wear a baby leash on her hand. She acted like she was an animal in a trap. We never made it beyond one block for our walk. Sigh...

    The day is sunny, warm and just what you want for a fall day. The little I got to see was refreshing.

    Titled, "Blowing in the Wind"

    Titled, "Early Fall"

    We may go to the zoo this weekend...this would be relaxing...sort of.

    Pinwheels for Peace

    Pinwheels for Peace
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    International Peace Day

    Pinwheels made by my art students.
    Pinwheels for peace.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    The ducks

    The ducks
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    There's something about little kids and ducks...very touching. I couldn't even get a pic of Norrie's face...she kept looking at ducks. : )

    Run, ducks, run!

    Run, ducks, run!
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    We walked at the campus and especially around the mirror pool where there are lovely ducks. Lydia followed the ducks, the ducks followed was little kid bliss.

    The signs around campus say, "In the interest of human safety, do not feed the ducks." Yeah, right. Like I'm going to follow that. My plan, if someone approaches me and says, didn't you read the signs?", is to fake a heavy Bulgarian accent like my uncles and say, "I speak little English" and smile sweetly.

    Strongest work I've seen in a long while...

    This, this is what it's about...


    I intensely wish I could speak/read Spanish, Japanese and French. And the reason is because of some really great blogs out there. In particular I just got through viewing some of the photographs and I am filled with awe. I love Ana Ventura's work! I love how she recycles paper into something new and brilliant and exciting. There is a Rauschenberg feel, playful with whimsy. Ah, I wonder if I should dare write and see if she will trade art with me...


    I'm off today. I have my tutoring to do for a few hours. Then art class at 1pm! Plus, I have a beautiful assistant, Jodi! She is excellent with my girls and I'm so lucky to have her help me! Can you tell I'm happy?

    Tomorrow the gallery will be open and I wonder if anyone will see my work. I hope at least one sells. I'm going to look for a space and do my own show. It's my goal, say in eight months, to do my own first show. There is truth to writing things down as once wrote. If you write it down, it makes that "it" concrete. You start to see ways of getting it together and making it happen. The almighty HAPPENING!

    Want to shake up your world a little? Have an art show...even if it's in your living room! Even if it's in your apartment. Just give it a try. The first one...invite positive friends/family. Your dog and cat count! The next art show, reach out a bit more and invite friends of friends...make sure you have some tasty food (nothing too messy or meatie). Tell everyone you are interested in showing your work at other places and would love to do combo shows. It's fun. It's not too stressful and you're sharing your work. Art shows equal show and tell. That's what it is really like, actually.

    Monday, September 19, 2005

    Dark shadows

    Dark shadows
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    For Self Portrait Tuesday...a bit of me.
    How I describe my self. I am strong, tall, large and powerful. I am also brought down to the ground by pollen and aromatic burning logs. I am weak and fear the unknown. I am brave and cowardly. I can remember a face but forget the name. I am proud of my strength and I can carry two toddlers at once. I feel lucky that I am tall but there are times when I wish I was petite and delicate. But those times fade quickly when I see all I have accomplished physically.

    Joan Chittister...

    Good message about the hurricane and especially about ourselves.

    Sunday, September 18, 2005

    Reflection on blogs past...

    Was tagged to try this idea of finding your 23 blog and posting the 5th sentence...
    Here is my results:

    "However, there are many films, illustrations and comics that deal with very dark subject matter in an interesting and emotionally sound way."

    I wish I had something more reflective/interesting to say...I feel like I landed on a flat note...oh, well. However, I was surprised to see I'm nearly one years old in blog land! I can't believe that come November I'll have been doing my blog for one year. Isn't that wild? Why it really does seem like a few days ago I was complaining bitterly about the weather (it was cold, darn it) and being depressed about some job. Now, I can really say and see that I've turned the corner. I feel like I've grown and am growing and just feel good about where I am now. Amazing.

    Thanks, Redcurrent for tagging me!

    1. Go into your archive. 2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to). 3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to). 4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. 5. Tag five people to do the same.

    Oh, here are the folks I'm tagging...

    Say thank you to for this idea! : ) Also, you don't need to be tagged to do this. It's a nice way to reflect...

    Pinwheels for peace

    I love this idea! I'm going to try it out with my art students. I think I'll make a couple just by me and put them in the front yard. I like that idea. : ) Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

    Excellent message...

    Friday, September 16, 2005

    Illustration Friday 11:48pm...

    And I'm still up...why? Doing laundry. When you've packed adventure into your days all week and have taken care of two toddlers the whole time (phew! make that a double phew!), you end up with baskets and baskets of dirty laundry. Fortunately, I've kept Saturday and Sundays relatively free. I've got Unitarian Church on Sunday but that should be pretty relaxing. Honestly, I think I'm going to need a planner or something...instead of my million pieces of note scrawled on newspaper, index cards, folded envelops, etc. It's not that bad, really.

    But I do have to get busy and put up more eBay auctions...guinea pigs and then some.
    Oh, my...just remembered my sister's b-day is September 20th! Got run over to the antique mall...she wanted (of all things)a *******. Just in case she's reading this, I will have to block it out.

    I'm also thinking of volunteering for the 4H club and doing a sewing group. It would be (at minimum) 6 hours in say 3 months...something like that. I'm going to the VFW to find out more. We shall see.

    Started a web site/blog for my art kids...looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.
  • Emily's Art Students

    Titled "Leaving the forest"
  • I decided to make this my Illustration Friday topic. Escape...

    I have this unicorn ACEO (among others) and it's on eBay. I think they came out really good and unique. However, they have no bids. Check them out...and the starting price is really low too! (the link to eBay is in my link section on this blog).
  • Wild day...

    First, we finally got some's been more than two weeks since we have had any rain...maybe some drizzle but nothing substantial. So, it was a pleasant surprise to have a bit of thunder and down pour. The results were humidity and more rain (which I was fine with). I was a bit put out as it made what I had to do all the more harder. I met with a local art gallery called Albert Michaels and brought in some work. I brought my big ol' box of Chinese ink/Sumi ink and showed them what I had. They seemed interested and selected eight pieces and about 15 ACEO's to show! I was thrilled. Plus, I may have some more work in the future. Hopefully, some sell and I can get things going. I still plan on submitting work to some companies but this at least gives me some rooting in the area to establish my self further as an artist.

    I'm so excited! I was a little flustered by the weather and I brought the whole gang with me (my daughters and husband). They pretty much relaxed and started running around like they owned the place, much to my annoyance. But they were good otherwise.

    I'm also teaching art and plan on doing a tour of the the gallery and studio. It's really interesting. The Studio is called "Church-in-the-Middle-of-the-Block" and isn't a Church anymore. What happened was the owner, John Rita, I believe, bought it for $1 and put in $100,000 in repairs and fix up. They have restored and gone beyond restoration and made it into an extremely interesting art center. I'm hoping they make a book some day. It would be fascinating to read about. The first floor has several rooms done in themes such as the Egyptian room. Then the rooms are broken up into various shops like wood working, photography, sculpting, etc. The upstairs is another studio/theater. Right now, they are getting ready for a production for "Porches" which is about Altoona, PA. It's all so interesting, really.

    Once I go on the tour, I plan to put up some pics (probably in two weeks). There is a hint that I may be teaching art there, but we will see. I really hope so!

    I wish they had a web site...I find this funny that they don't have one, considering. But I guess not everyone has one or thinks about this very much.

    I'm also working on a local commission...portrait of their children. Should be very fun. I'm amazed at how many things are happening. Plus, I'm doing some tutoring on the side as well. Amazing!

    It's funny...I was depressed because I didn't get some lousy jobs and all and now, now I'm doing exactly what I want to do and being here for my children. What a surprise!

    I think it was the artist Lynda Barry that said, do what it is you want to do...don't give up, struggle if you have to but do it (what you want) and it will happen... Her words ring clearly and true to me now. I've got to write her a letter! : )

    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    "Moon Bird"

    I found this wonderful animated short on a 99 cent DVD. It is by Faith and John Hubley.

    I love this beautifully artistic excerpt of two little boys trying to catch a bird at night. If you have never seen this, you don't know what you are missing. Made in 1959, this short film has elements of print making, rough edges and everything that is just so perfect in art. Mixed with the Hubley's children's voices it is a collage of one moment of a child's conversation, poetry and is very visually interesting.

    Here is Muss My Hair's blog entry on the film (with links!):

    "Hubley: Quite A Family
    So far, the only gem I've found in the pile of 99 cent DVDs I bought is the 1959 animated short Moon Bird, by Faith and John Hubley, who had an astonishing fifty five year career as animators. They worked for Disney, got blacklisted as commies, made a bundle in advertising, and...well, just read this. And though they don't have Moon Bird up, good ol' PBS has clips from several other films they did [realplayer].Click on The Hole and see the style that melts my heart.Their kids have done quite a lot too: Emily Hubley is an animator. Georgia Hubley is the same Georgia Hubley as Georgia Hubley in Yo La Tengo. Ray Hubley is a film editor and Mark Hubley is a horse trainer."

    Sadly, I can't seem to find any clips on-line of "Moon Bird". It reminds me of "To Kill a Mockingbird"...from the view and fresh insight of a child.

    The Hubleys also did some work with "Sesame Street" as well.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Things I've been up too...

    Phew. I'm at the point where I'm like, boy it would be nice to sleep and just not do anything for a few days...well, actually I was like that on Monday. Sunday I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity at the annual Keystone Fair with my hubby. We had to sell meat to the public...actually, it was "pulled" pork and brisket (shredded beef/pork). It smelled good at first but by the time we left ( about three hours later), I was fine with not eating a sandwich. Just call me picky. Plus, I'm trying to limit the amount of beef (if any) and pork I eat.

    That was Sunday and my kind and sweet sis-in-law watched the kids. The girls were pooped by the time we came over and fell a sleep in the car. The stayed a sleep until 5 am the next day...Monday. That means I was up at 5 am...I had several piano lessons to give...and had to clean house (which is the worst thing in the world for me. I hate it with a passion. But all went well. I hope I didn't sound too zombie like.

    Anyway, I felt sluggish and tired and for the second lesson (at these kids home...thank the stars, they live near by!) I had to drive up there. It's one of the prettiest drives I've been on! The house is up high on a hill and looks so country-ish and lovely and the house is so beautiful! But I felt tired and then I came home and the girls had slept the whole time while auntie had again agreed to help me with watching the kids. I gave her a painting of Kiwi (my cat) to seal the deal. It worked, thankfully. Plus, I made a turkey. Don't ask me why...I was probably deranged from lack of sleep. The turkey came out wonderful and all I did was sprinkle rosemary, mrs. dash and salt on it. Who knew!

    Then, Tuesday was let the house be messy for a bit and get errands done. Let me just say, I'm tired again. It's mostly because I keep rearranging the place and am trying to figure out how to make the dining room look presentable, cleanable and livable all in one. It's a hard balance...very hard when you have two little gremlins running around determined to throw jars of glitter all over the floor, open all the markers and let them dry out and scribble on every surface imaginable. I have fantasies of getting a little shop/gallery downtown and starting my workshop. I think it would be a success, actually.

    The real problem is my in-laws took off for nine days. They went to Michigan on a tour of Lighthouses... I'm sure this is something good and all. Let's just say I feel like I'm running at both ends. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve...I've got some help on the horizon for the future. So, this keeps me sane.

    I do want a maid. I really do. Or at least a cleaning woman to come once a week and do the awful basics...including dish washing. It's only a fantasy right now.

    Well, my three and half year old is wailing in my semi-deaf ear demanding to paint...she's grumpy. Tomorrow, tomorrow is another day (thank God).

    Good things...rearranged some of the dining room and have a little table for little people to work at. The house looks 75% better and we found most of the cat hair balls.

    I can't believe all I did today. I gave Mr. Nelson a much needed bath, went to Target and got some supplies and house stuff (with both girls...they were at their best for once) and drove home and cleaned, cared for the kids, and did other stuff but I already forgot what it is. Oh, well.

    Jon wants to mentioned on my blog...he helped moved tons of furniture, rubbed my back, is finishing up the dishes, carried up the computers to the third floor (aka studio) and is tired too. Poor dear.

    Anyway, that's my last few days. Well, gotta close this off. Some day, I'll be able to look back on this and think what a great job we did. : )

    Monday, September 12, 2005

    Mr. Nelson's snout

    Mr. Nelson's snout
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    Mr.Nelson looking rather nelson-ish...


    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    "Arm" in black and white

    Sunday, September 11, 2005

    Notes from New Orleans

    I have an e-pal and she is from and in New Orleans...Merna W. Here is an excerpt from her latest writings:

    "...that's it for today except I want to say this about evacuation:not much is said why people didn't evacuate. It's not because they are stupid, lazy or drunk. One reason is the storm blew up so fast. Another is that there was not much gas to buy at any price. Many places were out of gas.Another is that some people were broke and didn't have cash to buy it which is what you had to have. Finally there is a big segment of the population with no car at all. They walk to work or take a taxi or ride the bus. I know, taxis cost money, but that is what some poor people do all the time, take the taxi. In closing it is better to be bored than scared to death."

    Here are some other excerpts:

    "I counted and there were 1,000 people in the unemployment line at a satellite office not many people know about in a town calledReserve (we used to joke and call it Reverse)there were 1000 people in the line to apply for food stamps at a satellite office not many people know aboutthere were 1000 cars in a line going down airline highwaytoward Jefferson parish coz today is the last day you can go downthere before it is shut down for a couple of months.if you ever have to wait in a line like that it is a good ideato bring a folding chair to sit on and an umbrella to keep the sunoffit is not so humid so is sort of cool but it is sunny todayat the main line for emergency food stamps at the officialparish place here you have to fill out the application and take anumber for your turn to hand it in and meet with a case worker. manyof these numbers are for a spot 30 hours later...."

    Friday, September 09, 2005

    Mom's quilt

    This is the quilt my mom made me for my birthday! I love it very much and it hangs on my bedroom door (hence, the yellow paint from the hallway). Thanks, Mom!

    This is such a sweet little bird!

    This is the ancient and wonderful Santa I found at a yard sale for $2! I felt a little sad, as I recognized the people who were selling all their goods. They used to own the "Altoona Fish" collectiable retro shop. They were there for about two years but closed their doors earlier this year. They had so much great stuff and most of it was being sold at this yard sale...very sad for them. I don't know why they didn't try eBay...I think they were afraid of technology.

    Either way, I lucked out with this cute santa, an old beat up doll, some other interesting and odd things all for under $10. Bittersweet.

    As promised: The Photos

    Wondering why there are lots of noises coming from Lydia's room during her nap, we open the door to discover...

    This is what Lydia looks like as she emerges from her nest...

    So innocent, the scamp!

    We baked cookies, Lydia and I, yesterday. This is how they turned out...

    After the cookies the kids attacked me...

    Trying to get the camera away from mom!

    We calmed down and decided to sit at the table.

    We played with paper dolls...

    Or as Norrie discovered, "Smash dollie!"

    The doll had a bit of an accident...

    But she was quickly mended by me. : )

    Some of the paper dolls...I got them from eBay awhile ago and only recently felt brave enough
    to take them out with the little ones.

    So sweet!

    Lydia was very good and treated the dolls so politely.

    Mr. Nelson looks ready to go...

    One of the aprons I made...

    Jon made this for me in three hours! I was very impressed. The man is talented! I will be using this for my art class. Gotta love my guy!


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