It's officially the cold season...

Well, it was bound to happen. I have a cold, the girls have colds and the weather outside is cold. We dropped off Mr. Nelson for his two month hair trim. We're trying out a new dog groomers. It's the "Doggie Den". There was one in Holidaysburg but they closed (apparently, the owner got a job at PSU! Wow!). This one seems really nice. Mr. Nelson got a little scared because of all the machines in the back so hopefully, he'll be all right.

Then we drove off to the mall and picked up mom-in-laws b-day present. It's the first season of 3rd Rock. I hope she likes it. I hope she doesn't read this either!

I stopped at Old Navy...never been in there or anything. The prices were much more affordable than I even thought! I got Jon two shirts (retro style) for 1.97 each! That's right, under $2. Wow! Plus, I got a shirt for me at 6.50 and mostly broke the bank on kids stuff (rainboots, ponchos, sweats, etc). Stuff they need, on sale but still added up (esp. when you go by twos). We had a good time and I got them some plastic dinosaurs as a good behavior gift.

All in all not too bad a day. Plus, I'm working on some new paintings. I'm feeling pretty good considering my head cold/ear ache.

I did hear some bad news. My brothers car got stolen in Glendale (California). I feel so bad for him. I hope he's doing all right. Plus, they stole all his CD's, jacket, and other stuff. I hope he can at least get the car back but it doesn't look good. Poor guy. These are the times I wish I was really rich or had magical powers. My wonder woman senses start to get activated and I want to rescue the world.

Bad stuff happens to everyone. But good stuff happens too. Hopefully, the good out weighs the bad.


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