Wild day...

First, we finally got some rain...it's been more than two weeks since we have had any rain...maybe some drizzle but nothing substantial. So, it was a pleasant surprise to have a bit of thunder and down pour. The results were humidity and more rain (which I was fine with). I was a bit put out as it made what I had to do all the more harder. I met with a local art gallery called Albert Michaels and brought in some work. I brought my big ol' box of Chinese ink/Sumi ink and showed them what I had. They seemed interested and selected eight pieces and about 15 ACEO's to show! I was thrilled. Plus, I may have some more work in the future. Hopefully, some sell and I can get things going. I still plan on submitting work to some companies but this at least gives me some rooting in the area to establish my self further as an artist.

I'm so excited! I was a little flustered by the weather and I brought the whole gang with me (my daughters and husband). They pretty much relaxed and started running around like they owned the place, much to my annoyance. But they were good otherwise.

I'm also teaching art and plan on doing a tour of the the gallery and studio. It's really interesting. The Studio is called "Church-in-the-Middle-of-the-Block" and isn't a Church anymore. What happened was the owner, John Rita, I believe, bought it for $1 and put in $100,000 in repairs and fix up. They have restored and gone beyond restoration and made it into an extremely interesting art center. I'm hoping they make a book some day. It would be fascinating to read about. The first floor has several rooms done in themes such as the Egyptian room. Then the rooms are broken up into various shops like wood working, photography, sculpting, etc. The upstairs is another studio/theater. Right now, they are getting ready for a production for "Porches" which is about Altoona, PA. It's all so interesting, really.

Once I go on the tour, I plan to put up some pics (probably in two weeks). There is a hint that I may be teaching art there, but we will see. I really hope so!

I wish they had a web site...I find this funny that they don't have one, considering. But I guess not everyone has one or thinks about this very much.

I'm also working on a local commission...portrait of their children. Should be very fun. I'm amazed at how many things are happening. Plus, I'm doing some tutoring on the side as well. Amazing!

It's funny...I was depressed because I didn't get some lousy jobs and all and now, now I'm doing exactly what I want to do and being here for my children. What a surprise!

I think it was the artist Lynda Barry that said, do what it is you want to do...don't give up, struggle if you have to but do it (what you want) and it will happen... Her words ring clearly and true to me now. I've got to write her a letter! : )


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