Friday, October 31, 2008

Beautiful day for Halloween

It's one of those picture perfect days out right now...hard to believe it was snowing 2 days ago. Amazing how the weather acts up. I have a few things to get done but not too much...still, I feel tired from yesterday. The day just seemed to go on and on.

Thankfully, it's a new day and I can be done with the Halloween event tonight. Then there are a few parties at the museum Saturday...Sunday looks clear, for once.

A part of me just wants to take a long nap. But I know I won't do that...I guess cleaning up the house burns off energy as I feel tired from that. Let's just say, the house needed it...and yet, it's not done/finished in the least.

I'd like to put up some work up but I feel so tired right now. I have to get Miss Lydia ready for choir tonight and then, the Halloween thing. A friend of mine was in a car crash the other day and this let the wind out of my sails, I think. I just felt so upset about it. It was a bit scary to think they were in such a thing. I felt the same way when it happened to my family too.

Anyway, I know things will be all least they weren't seriously hurt and just sore. Still, I hope they're doing all right. I need to not get so emotional about things, but I do.

After all of the stuff from yesterday, we watched a money at my mom-in-law's, Tinkerbell. It was cute and had a sweet story. Still, I felt really tired after this...we left about 10:30pm. Had school today and will be starting on new chapters in math and language arts.

I just feel a bit down and sort of like, now what's next. Isn't that silly? I know there is a lot more to do but I feel sort of like, what can I get my paws into next? It's a strange feeling much like how a Nancy Drew book ends...she wants to go on the next adventure even if the last one was draining and physically exhausting. I've finished 2 Nancy Drew's and I can totally relate to that character...I never knew how much!

Anyway, I've got to go get things moving along or I'll be late like the white Rabbit in Alice in wonderland. However, I won't rush too fast...that just makes things worse.
Ta-ta for now!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Taking a break...

I got a lot of things finished/mailed today. I still have a pile of things to do...such as finish up a costume for my little one (who doesn't like the pokemon costume as it looks too "funny", apparently. She's still going to wear it...), finish up some character type figures for the theme rooms, make a few cardboard bats, tote everything to the museum and about 1000 other things, it seems. I just feel beat. I also made two signs for the front of the museum and I hope they last at least for 2-3 days as they aren't weather proofed and we're supposed to get SNOW and rain tomorrow! Crazy.

All in all, I feel prepared and mostly content. Seems everyone is doing something to help, and that is what matters. I feel optimistic and very glad to be a part of this community event.

But boy, do I feel tired! lol! I'm also glad this is meant to be for little kids, so I think there might be a good turn out...hopefully. Plus, we're raising food for a local food bank.

Well, I'll take a break for a bit more and then, I'll start to load the car up. Phew...Maybe, I'll let Jon do that. Thursday should be an interesting evening...wish us luck!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

You Found Me - Howl's Moving Castle music video

One of my fave movies...enjoy!

Rainy Saturday...

I'm at home for a bit...yesterday, was out sick. I just felt awful; looks like a stomach flu. I slept and had an easy day of it but felt really frustrated as I wanted to get so much done. I feel a bit better now, but there are things I need to finish up. No wonder I was feeling sluggish on Thursday. I thought it was from cleaning!

I've been reading the news lately, I shouldn't do that too often as it's been sad news mixed with a sense of delayed hope. I feel like, what can I really do? I prayed and felt a bit better but most of all I felt comforted in the fact I have a great family and I will be voting in 10 days. I sometimes forget to see the joys that are right in front of me and to remember this. So, I feel a lot better today. Having a family is key to keeping us sane and makes like interesting. I've even included the furry critter kind!

I had to smile at the funny things that happen with the kids and pets. One of the games the gals are into is grabbing a cat, sticking it in a box and seeing how far they can carry the box before the cat gets out. It's a silly game but they enjoy it quite a, it keeps the cats on their toes and makes them semi-useful critters.

Mr. Nelson, our dog, is outside at the moment. He's learned to push open the door a crack and sneak back in when I least expect it. Usually, if I'm snacking on something. It's true what they say about dogs and being able to hear everything. Boy, is that true. Well, he came back in...

I got up at 5 am and did some dishes when everyone was asleep. I just felt sort of up and about (plus, I started to get annoying). I did half of the dishes and then browsed around on the net...again, reading the headlines. I guess I hope people don't feel like it's the end of the world with the Great Depression 2 happening.

I was reading, at our local newspaper site, that various food banks are in need as there are more and more people using them. I'm so glad that the Halloween Haunted House Party we're having at the museum is collecting canned food items for St. Vincent De Pauls. This makes me very happy to know we are doing something like this...and believe me, it comes back to us, ten-fold. People come into the museum and book parties because the atmosphere is so unique and special. Just from the free art classes, we've got 2 parties because people were surprised to find something like the museum. But best of all, we're making a space for people that is inviting and a relief from the sometimes chaotic world outside.

It's funny how sometimes we take things for granite. But people who see it for the first, second and even third time are in awe. I love that and it makes me feel (what I have always known in my heart) that the museum is community united.

Well, even if it's rainy at least it's a warm rain. Jon should be thrilled as this is perfect for mushrooms. He's got his mind set on finding a Turkey tail mushroom. He found 2-3 at a park a few weeks back but they were dried out and we don't know if they spray chemicals. So, he wants to go to some woods and look around...I personally, don't feel very much like eating them as much as I like photographing them. They are so amazing and quite exciting to find as they disappear almost as quickly as they sprout up. This is a bit of forest magic, to me.

I'm a bit annoyed at myself. I cannot, for the life of me, find were I put my trusty mini-watercolor paint tin. I use it ALL the time and now, I forgot where I put it. It's so frustrating because I like to sit somewhere and paint for a few minutes a day. I haven't painted in 2 or 3 weeks! No wonder I'm off creativly. I have my big palette but I like my mini-one for it's easy to use feel.

I did work on the pikachu costume but I feel a bit annoyed as the yellow top part is darker than the yellow bottom and I tried to lighten up the top with paint and now it looks streaky. ARGH! I hope the kid won't mind...

I got a few pumpkins and want to carve one today and see if I can redo the cat pumpkin (though smaller in size). I'd love to see it lit up.

We've got the Haunted House Party to decorate on Tuesday and I have all these visions of goblins, witches and so forth made in paper mache or some type of material and NOTHING IS DONE. Sometimes, it really stinks to have an imagination with little time or money. Why do I have a tendency to dream big?? Is it a curse or a blessing?

Anyway, there is TONS to do and I feel like where and how do I start? Take a deep breath and begin, I suppose...Don't worry, I won't forget the camera!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

totally adorable

totally adorable, originally uploaded by emily999.

Nearly Friday...

I feel a bit tired and down. I know it's because I needed to take my's really amazing how my mood, at least, changes if I don't have my vitamins. If I take the normal women's day kind, I feel good for a few hours but then have a down time. So, I got a new container of pre-natal and feel like I have more energy. I find it annoying that I have to go X amount of times to get refills for these. With my two gals, I just got a huge container at Costco or some place like that and they lasted past the due date! Strange.

Anyway, I was a bit bold yesterday and drove to State College for the first time. I was really, really scared as I've never been there by myself and with the kids/being pregnant, I started to feel like, why am I doing this? I went because I wanted to go to Tait Farm to show some new work, etc. I ended up getting lost, which was really annoying (I was so close to the farm but went the wrong way). I ended up calling Jon at a BP gas station and got directions to his work place. This wasn't too bad as we have never seen his office and building. I admit I was a bit has a very warehouse feel and makes the Quaint Corner look really special and unique. I started to appreciate the museum much more after that. I have this urge to decorate Jon's half of the needs some color, badly.

Jon drove us home (at least to shuttle pick up where he carpools)...thank goodness, as I really don't care for the highways around here (they are SO high). When I drove up, I started to feel like I was going to throw up and was really feeling nervous. Fortunately, I calmed down enough and re-gained control. It was a nice drive with sun and blue skies though a bit cold.

Anyway, after waiting for Jon to finish work, we finally got to Tait Farm and the woman there was very friendly and helpful. She even gave me other locations in Boalsburg to check out for potential art displaying. I felt really good about the whole trip after this. Then, we went to say hello to the Bassett hounds that are raised on the property there...the owner came by and let us in the barn and we got to see the new puppies. SO CUTE! They were all treated well and most were very friendly. They would follow you into the barn and when we left, they all ran outside in their runs to say good-bye. So darling! I can see why people love this breed and dogs in particular...they really made all of us feel happier for going there. We even got to see some sweet barn cats sunning themselves.

I have to say it was nice to get out of Altoona by oneself...though, I don't know how I'll ever drive to Ohio someday (my friend lives there). But maybe if it's warm, I'll be brave enough to do that.

I do know that I'll be going up to State College more often now that I've done this initial drive. There's a few Vietnamese restaurants I have my eyes on to go to...:)

Otherwise, today was a good day at the home front...had a meeting for the upcoming Halloween Haunted House/Party. I think it's going to go well and I just need to remember to plan ahead, etc. It's a good learning year for me. Then, we did some school stuff, had lunch and headed back to the musuem. We had an interesting couple with their daughter come in. They were Mennonites, I think our first, and they seemed to have a good time.

I really feel like the museum is a great place, low cost and warm compared to outdoor stuff. And lately, it's been colder then usual (at least to me).

Well, it's been a long two days and I think I need to sleep. I did get a sweet package for Halloween from my had the perfect thing in it, a scarf for me and Halloween kitty pins for the gals and me. It was perfect and we enjoyed wearing them. Thanks, Mom!

what did you say?

what?, originally uploaded by emily999.

The magic word for this head tilt? Walkies!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yellow and blue

Yellow and blue, originally uploaded by emily999.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Run, Nelson, run

Run, Nelson, run, originally uploaded by emily999.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grace sent me a little bit of Bunny Sweetness!

Oh, I love this little gal! She's just the right size and love her blue eyes! :)

Sweetness from Vivian!

Sweetness from Vivian!, originally uploaded by emily999.

From the Animal Doll Swap set up by Grace of Black Crow Studio. Lovely!! :)


I got this from my swap partner, Tanya! It's so cute and perfect for Halloween! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A moment to rest...

Been very busy, that's how I describe the last few weeks. Good grief...the stuff I take on (rolling eyes at myself). It's a good thing I'm pregnant or who'd know what I'd be up to right now! I must say, my personality has grown/changed in the last few years and I attribute this to having kids. I believe it's the desire to guide & protect them that makes me do what I have to do. It's all good, as the saying goes.

Anyway, today I finally mailed out swaps to my swap partners (sorry, they are so late!), mailed the grant for the museum project we are trying to get funded (wish us luck) and met with some interesting people who might be a great way to partner for the museum. This is just the beginning of my long list of things I've been up to. Yesterday, I mailed out more sponsorship requests, last week it was speaking at the Kiwanis club and attending (shortly) a boys and girls club potential meeting. I really am excited about the possibilities (and hopefully, realities) of doing local community actions like this. Tomorrow, I have another meeting with the historical society and Jon is going to be speaking at a Rotary Club. It must be the Fall or something...the last two week have been a bit hectic and then take in raising/homeschooling the kids, going to doctors appointments for number 3 and then getting a cold. I don't want to think about too much else, or my eye will start to twitch.

I am SO glad to get those swaps out and even more so, the grant proposal sent out. Grants are very much like sending out a resume or a portfolio to an agent...only it has more riding on it because it effects the community directly. This is one of the uplifting and scary aspects of the "what it's" of sending out something like this.

Anyway, besides a bit of drama, things are going back to normal. I started to get another cold but it seems to be fading...thankfully, the weather has been warm and dry. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day...maybe I have allergies from the crushed leaves. Who knows.

I started to feel overwhelmed with the homeschooling but then we plugged in some time and sure enough, I felt good about it again. One thing I wish we could do is sound proof the learning room. It is way too noisy and gets chaotic when the mailman comes (Nelson goes ballistic with barking). This is annoying to say the least.

I'm going to have to try and get sponsorship for internet access at the museum. I feel discombobulated at times as I end up bringing my work home, etc. It would help a lot.

I feel optimistically cautious about a lot of things happening right now. Is that a real feeling? I guess I want things to go well, but I'm expecting the worse too. Sounds a bit depressing...

Well, the good thing is I finished a few projects, need to plug away at a few more and am getting things done. I'm nervous about the results of some blood work I had done to test for gestational diabetes...I worry too much but I should be drinking more water and eating less sweets. I think it will go fine but you never know how it goes when you're a bit older having a baby.

I can hardly believe it's 2 more weeks till Halloween and the big party at the museum. I'm nervous and hope it goes well. If not, we'll learn from this one and do an even better job next year.

I just realized I have to work on a 5 year old's Pikachu costume! Ack! I want this to be done very soon as I hate last minute sewing.

So far, November seems relatively calm and relaxed in my small least we're not planning too many events yet. Then, blessed Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for. Even if things don't work out as I hope (and pray), there is a lot to be grateful for right now. I admit I shouldn't let my self get into all the political stuff that is happening, but it's really hard not to. I pray the person(s) most qualified to be president/vice president will win and give us a new direction and the change we so need for this country.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Retro Kitty

We had a small event in downtown Hollidaysburg with a local art gallery, Art4. I volunteered to carve a pumpkin and decided to make a retro Kitty carving. It came out pretty well! I will definitely try this again...a lot of fun and the kids had a great time (they squished up pumpkin guts to their extreme delight. :)

leaves in yellow

leaves in yellow, originally uploaded by emily999.


balance, originally uploaded by emily999.

At the Altoona water resevoir. It was a beautiful day on glad we got to see some of the Fall changes.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well, I'm finally feeling better...a bit of a slight cough but on the whole, much better. I think the warm air we're having is helping as well. Although, the cooler/Fall days seem to make people want to start burning piles of leaves and things. I really don't like this. We went for a drive through some wooded areas and people were burning stuff left and right. It really bothers my allergies. To me, it smells badly and I worry about what people put in their burn barrels. Sometimes, it doesn't smell like wood or leaves burning...yuck. Speaking of air, apparently, a company around PA had some sort of a leak of chemicals and it created this gas cloud that's floating around! Scary and horrible. Talk about a nightmare...I hope it dissipates and the company will be fined/more careful. It feels like some sort of crazy monster story and what happens when it's unleashed into the population...but it's real! Makes me sad as this probably happens a lot in China (which has so little regulations as well as checks and balances).

We did a lot was a gorgeous day and I volunteered to do a pumpkin carving in Hollidaysburg at the local art gallery there, Art4. I did a retro Halloween Cat. I'll have pics up soon...other artists did a giant smiling happy man, witch, and fun pumpkin people. It was a nice variety, actually. Plus, I didn't feel overwhelmed...although, my gals did choose a huge pumpkin for me to carve! I brought my wood carving set and this helped as well as a bunch of knives loaned by my mom-in-law. We handed out A LOT of Children's museum cards and talked (as best we could with the music going on) about the museum. So, I hope we made a good impression. I'm just glad I didn't get any pumpkin shavings under my nail (which hurts like heck. If you've ever done this, you know what I mean).

Afterwards, we walked around the Pumpkin festival and it was packed. People really had a great time and walked around enjoying themselves. We got some hot dogs and cupcakes. Then, we went back to the museum for a few hours. While there, we painted the posts on the sign as it was looking rather poorly. We'll most likely get a new sign, but till then, this brightens it up. I noticed a lot of signs in the area look weather beaten and decided to fix ours up a bit. I wish I had more energy and could paint the front of the wouldn't take that long but Jon said, no and I guess it's better to have a group for such a project (though, I'm sorely tempted to paint). :)

Otherwise, a great day, actually. Saw a few friends at the festival as well and just had a great day of it. Afterwards, the kids seemed like they were wired and didn't stop until 10 pm. We rented the movie "Water Horse" and Norrie passed out before it ended. It's actually a great movie...much better than I thought. Plus, it's full of Scottish lore as well as scenery. Talk about beautiful against the ugliness of war (it's during WWII).

Speaking of movies, a few weeks ago, we saw The Spiderwick Chronicles (or as Norrie says, the Spider web Chronicles). This has been the ultimate family favorite esp. with my eldest gal. It's been non-stop Brownies, looking for Brownies, sightings of a seeing stone (where you look through a hole in a stone and can see fairy creatures) and so on. It's really cute and at first I was afraid to show them the movie as it does have scary parts. I warn them to cover their eyes and they follow through. Now, they love the movie and I'm guessing we'll have to get a copy for Christmas. It amazes me how kids get into stories and adventure. Just a great feeling.

On a sad note, a friend of ours passed away last week. He was a friend of my husbands...a fellow squirrel lover, Greg Bassett. I met him when he came to California to be on the Jay Leno show, I think it was, for his squirrel club/newsletter. He was a really sweet guy and died much too young. We're going to plant a "squirrel loving" tree for him in the yard.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Great day~

I'm starting to become a believer of spontaneity. Recently, I was approached by a group, The Newcomers, and they wanted to do a Winter Coat drive/give-away at the museum. I had a total feeling of yes, let's do it. We had our coat give-away today and it was a HUGE success! People came and got coats, sweaters, warm clothing...I even picked up a few coats for my gals. It was a wonderful feeling as many people were amazed by this and it's one of the best feelings being able to help people for the sake of helping. No expectations, just give the coats away and reach out to those who need. People even got things for people they knew and their friends. The generosity expanded even more.

Plus, many people came to help out...this was a joint effort by the Newcomers group in the area and I was very impressed by the strength and perseverance of the women. It esp. touched my heart to hear their stories and that we were all doing this because we wanted to. To me, this was God in action.


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