Well, I'm finally feeling better...a bit of a slight cough but on the whole, much better. I think the warm air we're having is helping as well. Although, the cooler/Fall days seem to make people want to start burning piles of leaves and things. I really don't like this. We went for a drive through some wooded areas and people were burning stuff left and right. It really bothers my allergies. To me, it smells badly and I worry about what people put in their burn barrels. Sometimes, it doesn't smell like wood or leaves burning...yuck. Speaking of air, apparently, a company around PA had some sort of a leak of chemicals and it created this gas cloud that's floating around! Scary and horrible. Talk about a nightmare...I hope it dissipates and the company will be fined/more careful. It feels like some sort of crazy monster story and what happens when it's unleashed into the population...but it's real! Makes me sad as this probably happens a lot in China (which has so little regulations as well as checks and balances).

We did a lot yesterday...it was a gorgeous day and I volunteered to do a pumpkin carving in Hollidaysburg at the local art gallery there, Art4. I did a retro Halloween Cat. I'll have pics up soon...other artists did a giant smiling happy man, witch, and fun pumpkin people. It was a nice variety, actually. Plus, I didn't feel overwhelmed...although, my gals did choose a huge pumpkin for me to carve! I brought my wood carving set and this helped as well as a bunch of knives loaned by my mom-in-law. We handed out A LOT of Children's museum cards and talked (as best we could with the music going on) about the museum. So, I hope we made a good impression. I'm just glad I didn't get any pumpkin shavings under my nail (which hurts like heck. If you've ever done this, you know what I mean).

Afterwards, we walked around the Pumpkin festival and it was packed. People really had a great time and walked around enjoying themselves. We got some hot dogs and cupcakes. Then, we went back to the museum for a few hours. While there, we painted the posts on the sign as it was looking rather poorly. We'll most likely get a new sign, but till then, this brightens it up. I noticed a lot of signs in the area look weather beaten and decided to fix ours up a bit. I wish I had more energy and could paint the front of the museum...it wouldn't take that long but Jon said, no and I guess it's better to have a group for such a project (though, I'm sorely tempted to paint). :)

Otherwise, a great day, actually. Saw a few friends at the festival as well and just had a great day of it. Afterwards, the kids seemed like they were wired and didn't stop until 10 pm. We rented the movie "Water Horse" and Norrie passed out before it ended. It's actually a great movie...much better than I thought. Plus, it's full of Scottish lore as well as scenery. Talk about beautiful against the ugliness of war (it's during WWII).

Speaking of movies, a few weeks ago, we saw The Spiderwick Chronicles (or as Norrie says, the Spider web Chronicles). This has been the ultimate family favorite esp. with my eldest gal. It's been non-stop Brownies, looking for Brownies, sightings of a seeing stone (where you look through a hole in a stone and can see fairy creatures) and so on. It's really cute and at first I was afraid to show them the movie as it does have scary parts. I warn them to cover their eyes and they follow through. Now, they love the movie and I'm guessing we'll have to get a copy for Christmas. It amazes me how kids get into stories and adventure. Just a great feeling.

On a sad note, a friend of ours passed away last week. He was a friend of my husbands...a fellow squirrel lover, Greg Bassett. I met him when he came to California to be on the Jay Leno show, I think it was, for his squirrel club/newsletter. He was a really sweet guy and died much too young. We're going to plant a "squirrel loving" tree for him in the yard.


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