Rainy Saturday...

I'm at home for a bit...yesterday, was out sick. I just felt awful; looks like a stomach flu. I slept and had an easy day of it but felt really frustrated as I wanted to get so much done. I feel a bit better now, but there are things I need to finish up. No wonder I was feeling sluggish on Thursday. I thought it was from cleaning!

I've been reading the news lately, I shouldn't do that too often as it's been sad news mixed with a sense of delayed hope. I feel like, what can I really do? I prayed and felt a bit better but most of all I felt comforted in the fact I have a great family and I will be voting in 10 days. I sometimes forget to see the joys that are right in front of me and to remember this. So, I feel a lot better today. Having a family is key to keeping us sane and makes like interesting. I've even included the furry critter kind!

I had to smile at the funny things that happen with the kids and pets. One of the games the gals are into is grabbing a cat, sticking it in a box and seeing how far they can carry the box before the cat gets out. It's a silly game but they enjoy it quite a bit...plus, it keeps the cats on their toes and makes them semi-useful critters.

Mr. Nelson, our dog, is outside at the moment. He's learned to push open the door a crack and sneak back in when I least expect it. Usually, if I'm snacking on something. It's true what they say about dogs and being able to hear everything. Boy, is that true. Well, he came back in...

I got up at 5 am and did some dishes when everyone was asleep. I just felt sort of up and about (plus, I started to get hungry...so annoying). I did half of the dishes and then browsed around on the net...again, reading the headlines. I guess I hope people don't feel like it's the end of the world with the Great Depression 2 happening.

I was reading, at our local newspaper site, that various food banks are in need as there are more and more people using them. I'm so glad that the Halloween Haunted House Party we're having at the museum is collecting canned food items for St. Vincent De Pauls. This makes me very happy to know we are doing something like this...and believe me, it comes back to us, ten-fold. People come into the museum and book parties because the atmosphere is so unique and special. Just from the free art classes, we've got 2 parties because people were surprised to find something like the museum. But best of all, we're making a space for people that is inviting and a relief from the sometimes chaotic world outside.

It's funny how sometimes we take things for granite. But people who see it for the first, second and even third time are in awe. I love that and it makes me feel (what I have always known in my heart) that the museum is community united.

Well, even if it's rainy at least it's a warm rain. Jon should be thrilled as this is perfect for mushrooms. He's got his mind set on finding a Turkey tail mushroom. He found 2-3 at a park a few weeks back but they were dried out and we don't know if they spray chemicals. So, he wants to go to some woods and look around...I personally, don't feel very much like eating them as much as I like photographing them. They are so amazing and quite exciting to find as they disappear almost as quickly as they sprout up. This is a bit of forest magic, to me.

I'm a bit annoyed at myself. I cannot, for the life of me, find were I put my trusty mini-watercolor paint tin. I use it ALL the time and now, I forgot where I put it. It's so frustrating because I like to sit somewhere and paint for a few minutes a day. I haven't painted in 2 or 3 weeks! No wonder I'm off creativly. I have my big palette but I like my mini-one for it's easy to use feel.

I did work on the pikachu costume but I feel a bit annoyed as the yellow top part is darker than the yellow bottom and I tried to lighten up the top with paint and now it looks streaky. ARGH! I hope the kid won't mind...

I got a few pumpkins and want to carve one today and see if I can redo the cat pumpkin (though smaller in size). I'd love to see it lit up.

We've got the Haunted House Party to decorate on Tuesday and I have all these visions of goblins, witches and so forth made in paper mache or some type of material and NOTHING IS DONE. Sometimes, it really stinks to have an imagination with little time or money. Why do I have a tendency to dream big?? Is it a curse or a blessing?

Anyway, there is TONS to do and I feel like where and how do I start? Take a deep breath and begin, I suppose...Don't worry, I won't forget the camera!


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