Beautiful day for Halloween

It's one of those picture perfect days out right now...hard to believe it was snowing 2 days ago. Amazing how the weather acts up. I have a few things to get done but not too much...still, I feel tired from yesterday. The day just seemed to go on and on.

Thankfully, it's a new day and I can be done with the Halloween event tonight. Then there are a few parties at the museum Saturday...Sunday looks clear, for once.

A part of me just wants to take a long nap. But I know I won't do that...I guess cleaning up the house burns off energy as I feel tired from that. Let's just say, the house needed it...and yet, it's not done/finished in the least.

I'd like to put up some work up but I feel so tired right now. I have to get Miss Lydia ready for choir tonight and then, the Halloween thing. A friend of mine was in a car crash the other day and this let the wind out of my sails, I think. I just felt so upset about it. It was a bit scary to think they were in such a thing. I felt the same way when it happened to my family too.

Anyway, I know things will be all least they weren't seriously hurt and just sore. Still, I hope they're doing all right. I need to not get so emotional about things, but I do.

After all of the stuff from yesterday, we watched a money at my mom-in-law's, Tinkerbell. It was cute and had a sweet story. Still, I felt really tired after this...we left about 10:30pm. Had school today and will be starting on new chapters in math and language arts.

I just feel a bit down and sort of like, now what's next. Isn't that silly? I know there is a lot more to do but I feel sort of like, what can I get my paws into next? It's a strange feeling much like how a Nancy Drew book ends...she wants to go on the next adventure even if the last one was draining and physically exhausting. I've finished 2 Nancy Drew's and I can totally relate to that character...I never knew how much!

Anyway, I've got to go get things moving along or I'll be late like the white Rabbit in Alice in wonderland. However, I won't rush too fast...that just makes things worse.
Ta-ta for now!


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