A moment to rest...

Been very busy, that's how I describe the last few weeks. Good grief...the stuff I take on (rolling eyes at myself). It's a good thing I'm pregnant or who'd know what I'd be up to right now! I must say, my personality has grown/changed in the last few years and I attribute this to having kids. I believe it's the desire to guide & protect them that makes me do what I have to do. It's all good, as the saying goes.

Anyway, today I finally mailed out swaps to my swap partners (sorry, they are so late!), mailed the grant for the museum project we are trying to get funded (wish us luck) and met with some interesting people who might be a great way to partner for the museum. This is just the beginning of my long list of things I've been up to. Yesterday, I mailed out more sponsorship requests, last week it was speaking at the Kiwanis club and attending (shortly) a boys and girls club potential meeting. I really am excited about the possibilities (and hopefully, realities) of doing local community actions like this. Tomorrow, I have another meeting with the historical society and Jon is going to be speaking at a Rotary Club. It must be the Fall or something...the last two week have been a bit hectic and then take in raising/homeschooling the kids, going to doctors appointments for number 3 and then getting a cold. I don't want to think about too much else, or my eye will start to twitch.

I am SO glad to get those swaps out and even more so, the grant proposal sent out. Grants are very much like sending out a resume or a portfolio to an agent...only it has more riding on it because it effects the community directly. This is one of the uplifting and scary aspects of the "what it's" of sending out something like this.

Anyway, besides a bit of drama, things are going back to normal. I started to get another cold but it seems to be fading...thankfully, the weather has been warm and dry. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day...maybe I have allergies from the crushed leaves. Who knows.

I started to feel overwhelmed with the homeschooling but then we plugged in some time and sure enough, I felt good about it again. One thing I wish we could do is sound proof the learning room. It is way too noisy and gets chaotic when the mailman comes (Nelson goes ballistic with barking). This is annoying to say the least.

I'm going to have to try and get sponsorship for internet access at the museum. I feel discombobulated at times as I end up bringing my work home, etc. It would help a lot.

I feel optimistically cautious about a lot of things happening right now. Is that a real feeling? I guess I want things to go well, but I'm expecting the worse too. Sounds a bit depressing...

Well, the good thing is I finished a few projects, need to plug away at a few more and am getting things done. I'm nervous about the results of some blood work I had done to test for gestational diabetes...I worry too much but I should be drinking more water and eating less sweets. I think it will go fine but you never know how it goes when you're a bit older having a baby.

I can hardly believe it's 2 more weeks till Halloween and the big party at the museum. I'm nervous and hope it goes well. If not, we'll learn from this one and do an even better job next year.

I just realized I have to work on a 5 year old's Pikachu costume! Ack! I want this to be done very soon as I hate last minute sewing.

So far, November seems relatively calm and relaxed in my small world...at least we're not planning too many events yet. Then, blessed Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for. Even if things don't work out as I hope (and pray), there is a lot to be grateful for right now. I admit I shouldn't let my self get into all the political stuff that is happening, but it's really hard not to. I pray the person(s) most qualified to be president/vice president will win and give us a new direction and the change we so need for this country.


Designs by CK said…
Wishing you a magickal & Happy Halloween!!! :-)

Emily said…
Thank you, Chris! :) Happy Halloween to you too! :)

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