Nearly Friday...

I feel a bit tired and down. I know it's because I needed to take my's really amazing how my mood, at least, changes if I don't have my vitamins. If I take the normal women's day kind, I feel good for a few hours but then have a down time. So, I got a new container of pre-natal and feel like I have more energy. I find it annoying that I have to go X amount of times to get refills for these. With my two gals, I just got a huge container at Costco or some place like that and they lasted past the due date! Strange.

Anyway, I was a bit bold yesterday and drove to State College for the first time. I was really, really scared as I've never been there by myself and with the kids/being pregnant, I started to feel like, why am I doing this? I went because I wanted to go to Tait Farm to show some new work, etc. I ended up getting lost, which was really annoying (I was so close to the farm but went the wrong way). I ended up calling Jon at a BP gas station and got directions to his work place. This wasn't too bad as we have never seen his office and building. I admit I was a bit has a very warehouse feel and makes the Quaint Corner look really special and unique. I started to appreciate the museum much more after that. I have this urge to decorate Jon's half of the needs some color, badly.

Jon drove us home (at least to shuttle pick up where he carpools)...thank goodness, as I really don't care for the highways around here (they are SO high). When I drove up, I started to feel like I was going to throw up and was really feeling nervous. Fortunately, I calmed down enough and re-gained control. It was a nice drive with sun and blue skies though a bit cold.

Anyway, after waiting for Jon to finish work, we finally got to Tait Farm and the woman there was very friendly and helpful. She even gave me other locations in Boalsburg to check out for potential art displaying. I felt really good about the whole trip after this. Then, we went to say hello to the Bassett hounds that are raised on the property there...the owner came by and let us in the barn and we got to see the new puppies. SO CUTE! They were all treated well and most were very friendly. They would follow you into the barn and when we left, they all ran outside in their runs to say good-bye. So darling! I can see why people love this breed and dogs in particular...they really made all of us feel happier for going there. We even got to see some sweet barn cats sunning themselves.

I have to say it was nice to get out of Altoona by oneself...though, I don't know how I'll ever drive to Ohio someday (my friend lives there). But maybe if it's warm, I'll be brave enough to do that.

I do know that I'll be going up to State College more often now that I've done this initial drive. There's a few Vietnamese restaurants I have my eyes on to go to...:)

Otherwise, today was a good day at the home front...had a meeting for the upcoming Halloween Haunted House/Party. I think it's going to go well and I just need to remember to plan ahead, etc. It's a good learning year for me. Then, we did some school stuff, had lunch and headed back to the musuem. We had an interesting couple with their daughter come in. They were Mennonites, I think our first, and they seemed to have a good time.

I really feel like the museum is a great place, low cost and warm compared to outdoor stuff. And lately, it's been colder then usual (at least to me).

Well, it's been a long two days and I think I need to sleep. I did get a sweet package for Halloween from my had the perfect thing in it, a scarf for me and Halloween kitty pins for the gals and me. It was perfect and we enjoyed wearing them. Thanks, Mom!


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