Taking a break...

I got a lot of things finished/mailed today. I still have a pile of things to do...such as finish up a costume for my little one (who doesn't like the pokemon costume as it looks too "funny", apparently. She's still going to wear it...), finish up some character type figures for the theme rooms, make a few cardboard bats, tote everything to the museum and about 1000 other things, it seems. I just feel beat. I also made two signs for the front of the museum and I hope they last at least for 2-3 days as they aren't weather proofed and we're supposed to get SNOW and rain tomorrow! Crazy.

All in all, I feel prepared and mostly content. Seems everyone is doing something to help, and that is what matters. I feel optimistic and very glad to be a part of this community event.

But boy, do I feel tired! lol! I'm also glad this is meant to be for little kids, so I think there might be a good turn out...hopefully. Plus, we're raising food for a local food bank.

Well, I'll take a break for a bit more and then, I'll start to load the car up. Phew...Maybe, I'll let Jon do that. Thursday should be an interesting evening...wish us luck!


Carolee said…
Hi Emily! Wow - sounds like you've been crazy-busy.....Just wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy and magical Halloweeen!! (Hope the event was a huge success!)

~ Carolee

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