Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1am morning inspiration

Wrote the outline for a new short story/book/graphic novel concept. Will I be able to finish it? I don't know at this point because I'm so darn tired at the moment. I have to take the kids to the dentist today and all I want to do is sleep like Harry is doing right now. He went to bed late too (10 pm).

I think we have pre-birthday/guest arriving/Jon's vacation excitement hitting us. Jon's taking off a record 4 days in a row...so we get Jon for almost a solid week. :) I'm sure we'll fight and argue to balance off all the happiness and joy we have when he is home. We don't really fight...more like do double pouting and rants about "I need my space." Stuff like that. But in the end, we're happy to be with each other, obviously.

Maybe we'll go and stick our feet in a creek somewhere and collect rocks. That sounds like fun. My sis is coming on Friday and we'll be a blur of activity and hustling around.

I finally decided to move the guinea pigs into the basement. Now, the room seems bigger and quieter. I like it. Wish I could move the computer tables elsewhere and give it more space. But we'll just be happy with the piggie move.

Artwise, I did the story and now I'll try illustrating it (once I've proofed it a few times). I think it'll be interesting. Plus, I'm re-doing the previous graphic novel...with a twist. Shall see how it goes.

I was planning on having a yard sale but, honestly, I'd rather just give the stuff to salvation army and not have to stress over that kind of thing. I think it's great to sell stuff but I just get exhausted by having to accumulate stuff/selling it off. I'd rather give it away. SO, I'll probably do that soon (we've got a lot of stuff). I don't know, maybe we'll try it. I guess with all the rainy days, it makes it a drag to have to pull everything in out/worry about rain etc, etc. I'm so fickle.

We made paper and it was fun. We also squished up paper pulp and made sculptures and it took about 5 days to dry out. But it dried out and looks interesting. We'll probably paint the stuff. The paper clay mix I did, is still drying. I should have used liquid starch.

Getting over my cold still but at the 90% level...just feel tired from this (and the late night). Otherwise, getting caught up on a hell of alot of laundry. I kid you not it is awful.

Otherwise, things are mostly stable...except for me feeling tired. Wish me luck to survive the day/week.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Feeling better. The cold is slowly easing away. My ear was really bothering me but after I woke up and was up for several hours, the pain went away. I think it drained a little...gross, but I think this is what happened.

So, I'm glad to report feeling much better. We decided to go to Delgrosso. When we got there, huge cracks of thunder could be over heard and I started getting afraid (you have to cross a bridge over the highway to get to the park by foot). So, Jon drove us to the entrance and that made me feel better. I don't like heights and not in thunder storms! Fortunately, it didn't rain at all when we were there. I really enjoyed myself...just didn't feel like CA in a lot of ways. I guess I got homesick a bit.

Otherwise, we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. We got to walk around and try a few rides. We even had funnel cakes...which, after the 1st couple of bites just gets a bit messy and tastes really a bit much. I was annoyed they don't serve chicken meals...only for special occasions. So, this was disappointing. I'm going to have to learn to make lemon chicken, I guess.

The day was so funny as I took the kids out to the Pet store. We got Nelson a muzzle. I hope it works as I want to trim his nails without being mauled. He can get pretty snappish when it comes to this. So, I found one and will be trying this out. I also got the gals new bedding and I think this made them feel good about their room. So, this was nice. We came home, did a few chores, got in a few arguments and so forth, Jon mowed the yard down and we finally went to the park. Crazy productivity before the rain fell at about 2pm. In between the showers we did the park stuff and then came home. Gave Harrison a bath and we all got ready to rest...when I hear the rain falling again. It's been so rainy. It is nice it (the rain) seems to wait till we want to be inside. :)

It's been a long day and tomorrow we'll do some more stuff to prep the house for when my sis arrives. Next weekend will be crazy...we also have another family member who is moving to PA. I'm amazed by all of this.

Now, the only other thing to do is do some painting about the house and clean up a few things. I did some paper clay and it didn't come out as I had planned...I think I'll try mixing it with liquid starch as a binding agent. It's fun to experiment but I don't think I had thought the process through (do to having a cold). So, it's back to the beginning, I guess.

Great...I think I have heartburn from the funnel cakes. Ugh

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I feel sick

I feel sick and I got up early to say good day, to my honey. But I think I'll drag myself back to bed in a minute or so. He made me mint tea, so that was nice. :)

I feel better that I have actual cold symptoms and am not in that state of feeling lousy and icky/grumpy because I don't know what's wrong. Do you ever feel that way? Sort of like you know something is amiss but can't put your finger on it? That's how I felt. Whenever (and I should remember this, so I won't be so hard on myself) I get sick, there is a hyper happy period and then, I start to feel ultra negative...there is no sunshine and just down. I guess that's why I always like Grumpy bear best of the carebears. I think that is why I'm drawn to stories about dark or "negative" characters (thinking of Harry Potter, and more but my brain isn't working well right now) who don't just go skipping into happy little fields of flowers. There's something to be said for days when you just feel blah and the day should fit your mood and not try too hard to cheer you up (though a big cookie or mint tea, helps). Anyway, that's my thoughts being sick. Fortunately, just a cold and I'm trying to calm my hypochondriac feelings of mortality. At least I get a rainy day with my cold...that helps too. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hedgehog in the fog

Feeling tired...after lunch feeling, I guess

Busy day...but I'm catching up on a lot of things around the house. I just wish I had a few gallons of paint and my mom over here to help out. :) :)

I need about 4 gallons of white paint and maybe some purple/pink/blue for some sort of compromise for the gals room. I'd also like to start painting the 3rd floor...muted golden rod with white trim. I think that would really be nice up there.

Anyway, I was puttering around in the basement and want to get rid of some some either yard sale it or just donate it. I'd prefer donating it because I hate doing yard sales and battering and all that. I'd rather buy stuff, I guess. :)

Have a few events coming up...birthday parties happening the next 2 weekends, relatives/family coming to visit and moving over here(!), as well as my b-day and my sis-in-law having an operation. Seems a bit overwhelming. I'm trying not to play the whole 16 candles feeling (getting lost in the hustle of life and people forgetting my b-day). I'm just going to celebrate it myself (hehehe) with special treats along till the big day.

One thing I would really like to get (and I know it's totally frivolous and silly) is the giant cupcake mold (I saw it on a commercial, recently). It's huge! And it makes these perfect cupcake cakes! Oh, but does it look like fun...I esp. like that you can do it hollow and put ice cream inside or even little charms like the English do in their Christmas cakes. How fun!

Anyway, other than the stuff above haven't been doing too much else. I need to photograph about 10 little piggies I've handstitched. They came out really cute! I'm working on some purple guinea pigs and a little kitty (for someone special...smaller than I thought it would be). I'm not going to stress out about all the stuff I need to do and just do things in intervals (thinking of the next two weeks and all that's going to happen).

Otherwise, doing what I need to do as I putter around with a crying baby and 2 ninja gals. sigh...

Monday, July 06, 2009


It's been a magical feeling sort of day...the air was cool in the morning and warmed up just right by the afternoon. We took a late morning walk and the gals were tuckered out as was the baby. Even Mr. Nelson (our dog) was a bit out of breath from the warmth. It's officially summer! Jon mentioned it felt like a California summer...or at least the ones we remember before the big drought/heat wave over there.

I felt energized and active...mopped the front porch and even brought the guinea pigs outside in the kiddie pool. Had the neighbor kids over to check them out. All in all, a good time I think. Tomorrow, I may bake some cookies and do some activities with the kids.

I was a little disappointed as I was planning to teach an art camp but nobody signed up. Ah, well...at least I tried. There may be another art class in the future...I have to call them and find out if it's still on as well. Seems like things just so distracted when you have a new life to take care of. I apoligize to everyone as I really feel sort of like I'm getting my balance back. So forgive me if I'm a slob, look/act a bit crazy and am just sort of staring off in the distance. I know this will pass with more experience and time...I just need some patience from the world, I suppose.

On a good note, my mom sent me a letter and this was a wonderful surprise. I also got a brief message from a family friend and several long lost friends have written back as well. So, I'm feeling like I'm not stuck on an island in PA! lol!

This weekend was really nice as we got to do several things that were new to us. We went to Fort Roberdeau and met several friends there and got to get more acquainted as well as get to hear music. It was very fun and exciting! I enjoyed it very much and honestly, I'm starting to fall in love with the place. I get a good feeling whenever I'm there. Afterwards, we went to the Amish farm by the name of Peachey. Got some honey (a huge jar for $7), a pie, "gobs" and coffee cake. Yumm. Then, we went to see the fireworks at Delgrosso. We didn't actually get to Delgrosso but stayed on the main strip and did a "tailgate" party...a lot of people were doing this and it was quite a bit of fun. It was a more memorable 4th, I must say.

Sunday was a family friend party and had a good time there too. I just wanted to sleep on the grass but relaxing on a blanket was fine too. Of course, Norrie found a mud spot and had a blast till I had to clean her up. Oh, well...at least there was plenty of food and good conversation. All in all, a good weekend. Now, I'm sore and achy from everything (mostly swinging a heavy mop around on the front porch! What a workout!).

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

7 Flowers of Summer

for a give away at FRÖKEN SKICKLIG

I had the gals run outside and gather flowers...we've been doing this since early Spring, actually, and they were used to hunting for flowers or seeing green in the slightest bit of plant life. They gathered leaves, lambs ear, rhododendron, clover flowers, and much more. Happily, we piled them on the table and I snapped a picture of this. We pressed the flowers (after removing previous treasures) and thought of what we would do with these bits of summer...perhaps we'll wait till winter to see them. Because we had to make space for these new bits, we removed our Spring finds and glued them to paper and will later put them in frames. Maybe we will find some small frames and save them for Christmas gifts...I know I would love this, esp. in the cold winters of the East...


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