Feeling tired...after lunch feeling, I guess

Busy day...but I'm catching up on a lot of things around the house. I just wish I had a few gallons of paint and my mom over here to help out. :) :)

I need about 4 gallons of white paint and maybe some purple/pink/blue for some sort of compromise for the gals room. I'd also like to start painting the 3rd floor...muted golden rod with white trim. I think that would really be nice up there.

Anyway, I was puttering around in the basement and want to get rid of some some either yard sale it or just donate it. I'd prefer donating it because I hate doing yard sales and battering and all that. I'd rather buy stuff, I guess. :)

Have a few events coming up...birthday parties happening the next 2 weekends, relatives/family coming to visit and moving over here(!), as well as my b-day and my sis-in-law having an operation. Seems a bit overwhelming. I'm trying not to play the whole 16 candles feeling (getting lost in the hustle of life and people forgetting my b-day). I'm just going to celebrate it myself (hehehe) with special treats along till the big day.

One thing I would really like to get (and I know it's totally frivolous and silly) is the giant cupcake mold (I saw it on a commercial, recently). It's huge! And it makes these perfect cupcake cakes! Oh, but does it look like fun...I esp. like that you can do it hollow and put ice cream inside or even little charms like the English do in their Christmas cakes. How fun!

Anyway, other than the stuff above haven't been doing too much else. I need to photograph about 10 little piggies I've handstitched. They came out really cute! I'm working on some purple guinea pigs and a little kitty (for someone special...smaller than I thought it would be). I'm not going to stress out about all the stuff I need to do and just do things in intervals (thinking of the next two weeks and all that's going to happen).

Otherwise, doing what I need to do as I putter around with a crying baby and 2 ninja gals. sigh...


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