It's been a magical feeling sort of day...the air was cool in the morning and warmed up just right by the afternoon. We took a late morning walk and the gals were tuckered out as was the baby. Even Mr. Nelson (our dog) was a bit out of breath from the warmth. It's officially summer! Jon mentioned it felt like a California summer...or at least the ones we remember before the big drought/heat wave over there.

I felt energized and active...mopped the front porch and even brought the guinea pigs outside in the kiddie pool. Had the neighbor kids over to check them out. All in all, a good time I think. Tomorrow, I may bake some cookies and do some activities with the kids.

I was a little disappointed as I was planning to teach an art camp but nobody signed up. Ah, well...at least I tried. There may be another art class in the future...I have to call them and find out if it's still on as well. Seems like things just so distracted when you have a new life to take care of. I apoligize to everyone as I really feel sort of like I'm getting my balance back. So forgive me if I'm a slob, look/act a bit crazy and am just sort of staring off in the distance. I know this will pass with more experience and time...I just need some patience from the world, I suppose.

On a good note, my mom sent me a letter and this was a wonderful surprise. I also got a brief message from a family friend and several long lost friends have written back as well. So, I'm feeling like I'm not stuck on an island in PA! lol!

This weekend was really nice as we got to do several things that were new to us. We went to Fort Roberdeau and met several friends there and got to get more acquainted as well as get to hear music. It was very fun and exciting! I enjoyed it very much and honestly, I'm starting to fall in love with the place. I get a good feeling whenever I'm there. Afterwards, we went to the Amish farm by the name of Peachey. Got some honey (a huge jar for $7), a pie, "gobs" and coffee cake. Yumm. Then, we went to see the fireworks at Delgrosso. We didn't actually get to Delgrosso but stayed on the main strip and did a "tailgate" party...a lot of people were doing this and it was quite a bit of fun. It was a more memorable 4th, I must say.

Sunday was a family friend party and had a good time there too. I just wanted to sleep on the grass but relaxing on a blanket was fine too. Of course, Norrie found a mud spot and had a blast till I had to clean her up. Oh, well...at least there was plenty of food and good conversation. All in all, a good weekend. Now, I'm sore and achy from everything (mostly swinging a heavy mop around on the front porch! What a workout!).


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