I feel sick

I feel sick and I got up early to say good day, to my honey. But I think I'll drag myself back to bed in a minute or so. He made me mint tea, so that was nice. :)

I feel better that I have actual cold symptoms and am not in that state of feeling lousy and icky/grumpy because I don't know what's wrong. Do you ever feel that way? Sort of like you know something is amiss but can't put your finger on it? That's how I felt. Whenever (and I should remember this, so I won't be so hard on myself) I get sick, there is a hyper happy period and then, I start to feel ultra negative...there is no sunshine and just down. I guess that's why I always like Grumpy bear best of the carebears. I think that is why I'm drawn to stories about dark or "negative" characters (thinking of Harry Potter, and more but my brain isn't working well right now) who don't just go skipping into happy little fields of flowers. There's something to be said for days when you just feel blah and the day should fit your mood and not try too hard to cheer you up (though a big cookie or mint tea, helps). Anyway, that's my thoughts being sick. Fortunately, just a cold and I'm trying to calm my hypochondriac feelings of mortality. At least I get a rainy day with my cold...that helps too. :)


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