7 Flowers of Summer

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I had the gals run outside and gather flowers...we've been doing this since early Spring, actually, and they were used to hunting for flowers or seeing green in the slightest bit of plant life. They gathered leaves, lambs ear, rhododendron, clover flowers, and much more. Happily, we piled them on the table and I snapped a picture of this. We pressed the flowers (after removing previous treasures) and thought of what we would do with these bits of summer...perhaps we'll wait till winter to see them. Because we had to make space for these new bits, we removed our Spring finds and glued them to paper and will later put them in frames. Maybe we will find some small frames and save them for Christmas gifts...I know I would love this, esp. in the cold winters of the East...


Dear Emily,

so great that you join our little Rose Fairy Challenge! I am looking forward your pressed flower arrangements - and I am happy that all the tiny bugs and spiders did NOT end up in your flower press ;-)

If you want to use less space for all the sheets of papers, frames and boxes - make a pretty book with all these sheets. If a day is rainy, the kids could help you to cover an ordinary album with nice fabrics or some wallpaper. I have such a book from when I was a kid - and it is so nice to see my handwriting and all these flowers...

Sending you sunny greetings from sweden,

Emily said…
Thank you so much for the ideas and inspirations! I will definitely make some books with my gals. I know they will love this and I will be happy to make it with them!

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