1am morning inspiration

Wrote the outline for a new short story/book/graphic novel concept. Will I be able to finish it? I don't know at this point because I'm so darn tired at the moment. I have to take the kids to the dentist today and all I want to do is sleep like Harry is doing right now. He went to bed late too (10 pm).

I think we have pre-birthday/guest arriving/Jon's vacation excitement hitting us. Jon's taking off a record 4 days in a row...so we get Jon for almost a solid week. :) I'm sure we'll fight and argue to balance off all the happiness and joy we have when he is home. We don't really fight...more like do double pouting and rants about "I need my space." Stuff like that. But in the end, we're happy to be with each other, obviously.

Maybe we'll go and stick our feet in a creek somewhere and collect rocks. That sounds like fun. My sis is coming on Friday and we'll be a blur of activity and hustling around.

I finally decided to move the guinea pigs into the basement. Now, the room seems bigger and quieter. I like it. Wish I could move the computer tables elsewhere and give it more space. But we'll just be happy with the piggie move.

Artwise, I did the story and now I'll try illustrating it (once I've proofed it a few times). I think it'll be interesting. Plus, I'm re-doing the previous graphic novel...with a twist. Shall see how it goes.

I was planning on having a yard sale but, honestly, I'd rather just give the stuff to salvation army and not have to stress over that kind of thing. I think it's great to sell stuff but I just get exhausted by having to accumulate stuff/selling it off. I'd rather give it away. SO, I'll probably do that soon (we've got a lot of stuff). I don't know, maybe we'll try it. I guess with all the rainy days, it makes it a drag to have to pull everything in out/worry about rain etc, etc. I'm so fickle.

We made paper and it was fun. We also squished up paper pulp and made sculptures and it took about 5 days to dry out. But it dried out and looks interesting. We'll probably paint the stuff. The paper clay mix I did, is still drying. I should have used liquid starch.

Getting over my cold still but at the 90% level...just feel tired from this (and the late night). Otherwise, getting caught up on a hell of alot of laundry. I kid you not it is awful.

Otherwise, things are mostly stable...except for me feeling tired. Wish me luck to survive the day/week.


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