Feeling better. The cold is slowly easing away. My ear was really bothering me but after I woke up and was up for several hours, the pain went away. I think it drained a little...gross, but I think this is what happened.

So, I'm glad to report feeling much better. We decided to go to Delgrosso. When we got there, huge cracks of thunder could be over heard and I started getting afraid (you have to cross a bridge over the highway to get to the park by foot). So, Jon drove us to the entrance and that made me feel better. I don't like heights and not in thunder storms! Fortunately, it didn't rain at all when we were there. I really enjoyed myself...just didn't feel like CA in a lot of ways. I guess I got homesick a bit.

Otherwise, we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. We got to walk around and try a few rides. We even had funnel cakes...which, after the 1st couple of bites just gets a bit messy and tastes really a bit much. I was annoyed they don't serve chicken meals...only for special occasions. So, this was disappointing. I'm going to have to learn to make lemon chicken, I guess.

The day was so funny as I took the kids out to the Pet store. We got Nelson a muzzle. I hope it works as I want to trim his nails without being mauled. He can get pretty snappish when it comes to this. So, I found one and will be trying this out. I also got the gals new bedding and I think this made them feel good about their room. So, this was nice. We came home, did a few chores, got in a few arguments and so forth, Jon mowed the yard down and we finally went to the park. Crazy productivity before the rain fell at about 2pm. In between the showers we did the park stuff and then came home. Gave Harrison a bath and we all got ready to rest...when I hear the rain falling again. It's been so rainy. It is nice it (the rain) seems to wait till we want to be inside. :)

It's been a long day and tomorrow we'll do some more stuff to prep the house for when my sis arrives. Next weekend will be crazy...we also have another family member who is moving to PA. I'm amazed by all of this.

Now, the only other thing to do is do some painting about the house and clean up a few things. I did some paper clay and it didn't come out as I had planned...I think I'll try mixing it with liquid starch as a binding agent. It's fun to experiment but I don't think I had thought the process through (do to having a cold). So, it's back to the beginning, I guess.

Great...I think I have heartburn from the funnel cakes. Ugh


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