Friday, May 29, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy weekend...

I'm really tired and will be off to bed, shortly. I have to get things ready to be mailed as the post office was closed because of Memorial Day. We had a good time, this weekend...had a bbq (which sounds easy enough, but ended up being so much work, I was exhausted afterwards...mostly cleaning the house) and on Sunday, we drove around and went to get ice cream in Martinsburg with my sister-in-law and family. It was fun. We went to the Hinnish market afterwards and got some fantastic cheese and garlic good! Then, we parted ways and we went to Roaring Springs to feed the ducks and watch the fish. It was a great time, all in all.

Today we did a heck of a lot of house chores...mostly trimming bushes/trees and such. We were going to go to a cemetery and remember those who have fought/protected us, but we were too tired. We have done this in the past and usually have been part of the celebration as Jon is into civil war reenactments. He wants to get involved with the Sons of the American Revolution, I believe. Of course, having a new baby is priority, so he's taking it slow.

As for me, I did a little sewing but nothing too dramatic. I did do some more clean up in my studio and organization. I want to get enough junk, I mean, stuff, for a yard sale. Then, I'll donate the rest of it. I'm starting to see that space is valuable and with so much of the time being spent indoors (as in 5-7 months of the year, depending on cold and/or rainy weather), it's best to have a warm comfortable spot to work in with the kids.

I know my arms are going to be killing me tomorrow. I must have cut at least 50 tree limbs from the lilac and various trees...and it's hardly made a dent in all that. I'm starting to fall asleep as I type so, I'd better go to bed. Night everyone.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

You think you know your neighbors...

So, our neighbors have a bird stuck in their 3rd floor, a little sparrow. Some how, the little thing got stuck up there. I tried calling and their phone was busy, most likely someone else telling them, you've got a bird stuck up there. I had my husband go over and tell them. To my surprise/sadness, the neighbor is like, "Can't open the windows up there, so, I'll just let it die..." That is just so cruel and ugly. I feel ashamed, again, to have neighbors that wouldn't even help a bird get out. For Pete's sake, you could throw a blanket over it, or catch it in the curtains (which it is struggling against). Even my husband, who tries to give people the benefit of the doubt, is appalled by this.

I know you can't save every animal and all that, however, I do think we should help if something is stuck in your attack. It's not like a sparrow is going to hurt you. I'm just really frustrated because every time we look out our window we see the poor thing fluttering against the window pane. Good-bye little bird, I'm sorry your were stuck in a cruel person's house.

Not to Hurt...

Not to hurt our humble animals
Is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough.
We have a higher mission:
To be of service to them whenever they require it.

St. Francis Assisi

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer has arrived!

It feels like summer for the past two days! High 70's or low 80' wonderful and relaxing. I think I did too much stuff lately...trimmed the hedge in the back, did a ton of laundry, am trying to sort more junk out of the basement and just Spring Cleaning my self sick! lol! I think that's why I was so grumpy last night...I was tired!

Anyway, we had a good evening...laughing on the back porch under mini-lantern style twinkle lights. We ate chips and made jokes with the kids. All in all, a good time. I was hoping to see some fireflies but it's still too early to see them. Plus, the weather has been warm and dry, for a change. It's very California feeling right now...later on, we'll get the humidity which brings out the fireflies.

Jon is going to take me out to see a movie...most likely, Star Trek. So, I'm looking forward to that. I hope it's all right and at least exciting. We shall see.

The gals got a chance to use the sprinklers for the first time and were thrilled to say the least. I ate watermelon and watch Harrison. All in all a good start to a 3 day weekend. I hope everyone has a good one and stays safe.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy Sunday~

So busy...for a Sunday that's saying a lot too. The good thing is this week has finished and on a high note. We volunteered at the campus for the local art museum and I did a lot of face painting. It was actually fun and I think the kids enjoyed it. There was a cold wind but the tent we were in was cozy and felt secure, thankfully. Plus, I wasn't stressed out by all the stuff to do...which was a huge relief. Usually I have to do so much but since I stepped down as director, it's a lot more fun and I can take it easy. Right now, I'm one of the art teachers at the museum. I'll be teaching a week long class on mixed media art with found and recycled objects. Should be fun.

It was neat seeing all the local organizations for kids in the tent and afterwards, we got to hear some music. I didn't catch the person's name playing but it was some mellow guitar...I liked it a lot. We went over to the art show and I got some pics of the juried art show. I forgot to enter...too busy to remember. Oh, well...there is next year.

The show was pretty good and a few pieces sold...maybe 3 all in all. Plus, there was a lot less submitted. I was surprised by that but in other ways, I sort of guessed that might happen with the way the economy is right now.

Otherwise, it was a relaxing day. Jon's sister had a birthday was a nice celebration. I've got to learn to make quiche as my brother-in-law does this just for birthdays. I'd like to make that for dinner sometime. Anyway, it was a nice long day, to say the least. Phew!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rainy day

It felt like the rain knew it was needed over here in the hills of PA. Warm and refreshingly heavy, it seemed to soak into the ground in an instant. The plants are coming alive, green in every shade imaginable. I'm jealousy eyeing the wisteria blooming in a vacant parking lot downtown...Bunches of it, that seem to explode with purple and each blossom bunch as big as pineapple fruit. Things like this, just amaze me. And it makes me wonder, why our wisteria, year after year, is always blossom-less. Ah, least it's green and leafy.

Jon went to the art show tonight at the Altoona Campus. I was supposed to go but wasn't feeling up to it. I guess I was a bit tired, schooling, and so forth. Looks like it was well attended. No sales, unfortunately. I might stop by on Saturday. I'll see how I feel. Jon mentioned some people asked if I had anything there. This pleasantly surprised me, I must admit.

Apparently, they had incredible amounts of food and people were having a great time. I wish I had remembered to submit some work but having a new baby sort of puts this to the side, for now. I'll have to prepare for next year.

Then, an artist who I admire, Stan Berning, wrote a hello. He's the artist that did the work for the film, Off the Map. This was so cool that he said hello. It brightened up my day.
Seems he has a new book out called About Art. I love reading about artists and if this (which is seems to have a bit of) is anything like the Georgia O'Keeffe book, Georgia O'Keeffe Color and Conservation by Rene Paul Barilleaux, I'll be very happy to read it. I find it very interesting to read about the process of one works to be an artist and their struggles/perseverance.

Otherwise, things are moving along. I may be teaching some art classes...see how that goes. It's a matter of balance, for me and the family.

The best news is that my 5 year old is on the mark for going on to 1st grade. We had a rough start and lots of changes, so it's great to know she is on task. Many times, I felt like Hellen Keller's teacher, Annie Sullivan. Not that my daughter has physical limitations but she seems to struggle at times with focusing. However, once she does focus, she is there with all her heart. It was finding the right thing to tap into this...which turned out to be positive reinforcement and lots M & M's! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've not posted here as much. I've discovered Facebook...which is a lot of fun and more spontaneous, I suppose. I'm still posting here...just spread about right now.

Otherwise, I had a good Mama's day. Cupcakes and flowers...wonderful. Plus, I got 2 packages in the mail. One is from my mom, she finished a beautiful quilt (hand stitched) for Harrison (photos to come soon) and some goodies for me (a new journal and a dream catcher!). I was pleasantly surprised. Then, I got a package from my girlfriend, Caroline. Sweet outfits for Harrison, goodies for the girls (lunchboxes to store darn cute! Now, I wish I had one!). So, it lifted the blue's I was feeling last week. Again, I think it was mostly weather related (warm than cold).

It was a great relaxing weekend of staying home, getting things done around the house (finally) and even doing more art. I also started a project, just for me. It's a memory painting of all the pets I've had in my life (or at least 1 representation of each...I think I forgot to add my pigeons...I had at least 5 over the years). It makes me happy to see it and once it's painted, I'm hanging it up in the dining room. It's larger...about 15 by 12 inches and is on a specially made (by me) canvas of repurposed materials. It's coming along well.

Right now, I feel a bit tired (gave the baby a bath) and good. We even made it to the Jaffa Mosque flea market. It was fun and I found a vintage umbrella with oil type paper. It's very unusual and smell of oil stuff. I hope that's what it's supposed to smell like! It was only $1...saw some cool antique books but didn't have enough cash so I just looked. Some of the print was very beautiful and I loved the scroll lettering. It was nice to get out but so windy! I trimmed bangs on myself (which I regret) and the wind puffed them up all over the place. I looked like a porcupine when I looked in the mirror. I was mortified...oh, well. They'll grow back.

Anyway, other than hair mishaps, things are going along well. School is nearly finished and I have to think about camps, perhaps, for the kids and maybe start some art lessons. We shall see. It's all to much to think about at the moment...I'm really tired. Have a good evening and week!


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