Summer has arrived!

It feels like summer for the past two days! High 70's or low 80' wonderful and relaxing. I think I did too much stuff lately...trimmed the hedge in the back, did a ton of laundry, am trying to sort more junk out of the basement and just Spring Cleaning my self sick! lol! I think that's why I was so grumpy last night...I was tired!

Anyway, we had a good evening...laughing on the back porch under mini-lantern style twinkle lights. We ate chips and made jokes with the kids. All in all, a good time. I was hoping to see some fireflies but it's still too early to see them. Plus, the weather has been warm and dry, for a change. It's very California feeling right now...later on, we'll get the humidity which brings out the fireflies.

Jon is going to take me out to see a movie...most likely, Star Trek. So, I'm looking forward to that. I hope it's all right and at least exciting. We shall see.

The gals got a chance to use the sprinklers for the first time and were thrilled to say the least. I ate watermelon and watch Harrison. All in all a good start to a 3 day weekend. I hope everyone has a good one and stays safe.


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