Rainy day

It felt like the rain knew it was needed over here in the hills of PA. Warm and refreshingly heavy, it seemed to soak into the ground in an instant. The plants are coming alive, green in every shade imaginable. I'm jealousy eyeing the wisteria blooming in a vacant parking lot downtown...Bunches of it, that seem to explode with purple and each blossom bunch as big as pineapple fruit. Things like this, just amaze me. And it makes me wonder, why our wisteria, year after year, is always blossom-less. Ah, well...at least it's green and leafy.

Jon went to the art show tonight at the Altoona Campus. I was supposed to go but wasn't feeling up to it. I guess I was a bit tired out...kids, schooling, and so forth. Looks like it was well attended. No sales, unfortunately. I might stop by on Saturday. I'll see how I feel. Jon mentioned some people asked if I had anything there. This pleasantly surprised me, I must admit.

Apparently, they had incredible amounts of food and people were having a great time. I wish I had remembered to submit some work but having a new baby sort of puts this to the side, for now. I'll have to prepare for next year.

Then, an artist who I admire, Stan Berning, wrote a hello. He's the artist that did the work for the film, Off the Map. This was so cool that he said hello. It brightened up my day.
Seems he has a new book out called About Art. I love reading about artists and if this (which is seems to have a bit of) is anything like the Georgia O'Keeffe book, Georgia O'Keeffe Color and Conservation by Rene Paul Barilleaux, I'll be very happy to read it. I find it very interesting to read about the process of one works to be an artist and their struggles/perseverance.

Otherwise, things are moving along. I may be teaching some art classes...see how that goes. It's a matter of balance, for me and the family.

The best news is that my 5 year old is on the mark for going on to 1st grade. We had a rough start and lots of changes, so it's great to know she is on task. Many times, I felt like Hellen Keller's teacher, Annie Sullivan. Not that my daughter has physical limitations but she seems to struggle at times with focusing. However, once she does focus, she is there with all her heart. It was finding the right thing to tap into this...which turned out to be positive reinforcement and lots M & M's! :)


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