Busy weekend...

I'm really tired and will be off to bed, shortly. I have to get things ready to be mailed as the post office was closed because of Memorial Day. We had a good time, this weekend...had a bbq (which sounds easy enough, but ended up being so much work, I was exhausted afterwards...mostly cleaning the house) and on Sunday, we drove around and went to get ice cream in Martinsburg with my sister-in-law and family. It was fun. We went to the Hinnish market afterwards and got some fantastic cheese and garlic crackers...so good! Then, we parted ways and we went to Roaring Springs to feed the ducks and watch the fish. It was a great time, all in all.

Today we did a heck of a lot of house chores...mostly trimming bushes/trees and such. We were going to go to a cemetery and remember those who have fought/protected us, but we were too tired. We have done this in the past and usually have been part of the celebration as Jon is into civil war reenactments. He wants to get involved with the Sons of the American Revolution, I believe. Of course, having a new baby is priority, so he's taking it slow.

As for me, I did a little sewing but nothing too dramatic. I did do some more clean up in my studio and organization. I want to get enough junk, I mean, stuff, for a yard sale. Then, I'll donate the rest of it. I'm starting to see that space is valuable and with so much of the time being spent indoors (as in 5-7 months of the year, depending on cold and/or rainy weather), it's best to have a warm comfortable spot to work in with the kids.

I know my arms are going to be killing me tomorrow. I must have cut at least 50 tree limbs from the lilac and various trees...and it's hardly made a dent in all that. I'm starting to fall asleep as I type so, I'd better go to bed. Night everyone.


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