I've not posted here as much. I've discovered Facebook...which is a lot of fun and more spontaneous, I suppose. I'm still posting here...just spread about right now.

Otherwise, I had a good Mama's day. Cupcakes and flowers...wonderful. Plus, I got 2 packages in the mail. One is from my mom, she finished a beautiful quilt (hand stitched) for Harrison (photos to come soon) and some goodies for me (a new journal and a dream catcher!). I was pleasantly surprised. Then, I got a package from my girlfriend, Caroline. Sweet outfits for Harrison, goodies for the girls (lunchboxes to store darn cute! Now, I wish I had one!). So, it lifted the blue's I was feeling last week. Again, I think it was mostly weather related (warm than cold).

It was a great relaxing weekend of staying home, getting things done around the house (finally) and even doing more art. I also started a project, just for me. It's a memory painting of all the pets I've had in my life (or at least 1 representation of each...I think I forgot to add my pigeons...I had at least 5 over the years). It makes me happy to see it and once it's painted, I'm hanging it up in the dining room. It's larger...about 15 by 12 inches and is on a specially made (by me) canvas of repurposed materials. It's coming along well.

Right now, I feel a bit tired (gave the baby a bath) and good. We even made it to the Jaffa Mosque flea market. It was fun and I found a vintage umbrella with oil type paper. It's very unusual and smell of oil stuff. I hope that's what it's supposed to smell like! It was only $1...saw some cool antique books but didn't have enough cash so I just looked. Some of the print was very beautiful and I loved the scroll lettering. It was nice to get out but so windy! I trimmed bangs on myself (which I regret) and the wind puffed them up all over the place. I looked like a porcupine when I looked in the mirror. I was mortified...oh, well. They'll grow back.

Anyway, other than hair mishaps, things are going along well. School is nearly finished and I have to think about camps, perhaps, for the kids and maybe start some art lessons. We shall see. It's all to much to think about at the moment...I'm really tired. Have a good evening and week!


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