Busy Sunday~

So busy...for a Sunday that's saying a lot too. The good thing is this week has finished and on a high note. We volunteered at the campus for the local art museum and I did a lot of face painting. It was actually fun and I think the kids enjoyed it. There was a cold wind but the tent we were in was cozy and felt secure, thankfully. Plus, I wasn't stressed out by all the stuff to do...which was a huge relief. Usually I have to do so much but since I stepped down as director, it's a lot more fun and I can take it easy. Right now, I'm one of the art teachers at the museum. I'll be teaching a week long class on mixed media art with found and recycled objects. Should be fun.

It was neat seeing all the local organizations for kids in the tent and afterwards, we got to hear some music. I didn't catch the person's name playing but it was some mellow guitar...I liked it a lot. We went over to the art show and I got some pics of the juried art show. I forgot to enter...too busy to remember. Oh, well...there is next year.

The show was pretty good and a few pieces sold...maybe 3 all in all. Plus, there was a lot less submitted. I was surprised by that but in other ways, I sort of guessed that might happen with the way the economy is right now.

Otherwise, it was a relaxing day. Jon's sister had a birthday brunch...it was a nice celebration. I've got to learn to make quiche as my brother-in-law does this just for birthdays. I'd like to make that for dinner sometime. Anyway, it was a nice long day, to say the least. Phew!


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