Monday, November 29, 2010

Vietnamese Porridge

Just made the biggest pot of Vietnamese porridge. Finished my 2nd bowl...perhaps, I'll have it for dessert too. hmmmm

Colds, allergies and puttering or Put a smile on your Face and deal with it!

Geesh, what a depressing title to this blog post. I added the "or" part because I do think the power of positive attitude is a HUGE thing in life. You might not think so at the time, but if you smile, some how it does spread to everyone else and before you know it, things start to feel a bit better.
Here's a video we did before everyone got sick on Thanksgiving day of the kids.

Right now, we are in the slow down and relax stage...some of us that is...of the cold. There is no better remedy then a nap, vicks, hot soup and tea. The best when it's brought to you on a tray in a room with one of those humidity thingies. Love that. Mine, however, needs a new, I'll have to wait. Jon is napping as I type and try to get the kids to calm down. Maybe we'll bake something to keep them occupied.

100_7153 At church

Today the kids are off school and Jon is home sick. I'm trying to get him to the doctor's but he is being stubborn. I can't just pick him up and stick him in the car. Geesh, what is it with men and the doctors??

My allergy turned into a cold combo. I notice I am feeling better but I keep pushing myself to do more but have to stop myself. I like doing stuff, I guess.

I'll conserve my energy as I have to bake those Gingerbread cookies for Relay for Life. I'm really excited about this. I'm still not sure if I'll decorate them...depends on energy level. So, we shall see.

Oh, and I'm so happy! I sold 2 Christmas ornaments!! I was really nervous as they are new for me and honestly, the pictures do not do them justice. They are REALLY cute in person...for some reason the photos came out really blurry. I want to get one of those mini-studio's for photo taking. They aren't too costly something like $40. I probably could make one but it would be a Mickey Mouse job (not professional). So, I'll put that on my Christmas wish list. :)

Oddly, the house looks cleaner and more organized when I'm trapped in the house from the weather. It's fun to putter. I do feel a bit bad that we've been all sick and not doing too much. Well, it's part of life. We'll make up for it once we feel better. :)


Friday, November 26, 2010

Cute give away at Paper Cakes Finds!

I entered and you can too! :)It's at Paper Cakes Blog. I love the necklaces and the sweet deer box. Honestly, I hope I win! :) lol

Sunday, November 21, 2010

there's a reason for that smile

me into
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trying to talk me into various Christmas goodies...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Artwork...listing on eBay!

Been working on a variety of projects and finally have time to list some work on eBay! :) Hope you'll take a look. I'm also creating a portfolio page so I can reference some of my work.

My next goal is to make some new cards on Cafepress using the images I painted on the news rack. Lots to do! :)



Sock monkey~


Friday, November 19, 2010

Feeling better...

It's been one heck of a week! I know I sound like a mom and a stay-at-home mom, at that. Just with having a 2 yr old again(nearly 2, that is), I forgot about how exhausted they get when the weather gets colder, how they seem prone to falls (trying to keep up w/the big people) and just all around need for routine, routine, routine. Poor little guy.

Right now, he finally fell asleep after going for a walk and falling flat on his face on the cement. He tripped on the smallest crack (and there are some gaping holes on the sidewalk, let me tell you). I felt bad because I couldn't pick him up for more than 7 or so steps. I had the dogs and I pulled my neck muscle yesterday, so painful. Sigh...And Mr. H is not small but the size of a 4 yr old. Poor kid. At least he's padded in his coat.

His favorite word is "ow". I feel bad about that, too. He's really learning about language and words. He's trying to say bird (burr) and will scream, Ca! for cat! Thankfully, our home is filled with critters and he enjoys them. I brought up the guinea pigs and he was like, "Are these new critters for me?" He was ecstatic. When I moved them (the dogs were ecstatic about them too), to the dining room table, he was like, "hey, bring them back!" Glad he likes the guinea pigs.

He's learning to tell the dogs, no...and me too. I'm trying to teach him the word, yes and okay. So far, it sounds like "Yy" and "ay". I'll take it. ;)

It's funny, he's a bit scared of our bird, Odie. He peaks at Odie around the corner and tried to avoid walking by him by going around the whole room. Really funny. Odie just stares at him and sometimes makes a noise. This just tickles Mr. H.

I'm reading the kids Pipi Longstocking. They are old enough to get the humor and think what a fun and colorful character she is. I love that about them. Plus, I could see the cogs spinning in their heads...Thingfinders has a good ring about it. :)

I'm glad it's Friday...I need the break. With the time change, parent/school meetings and all that crazy kid stuff in there, I feel like I need a nap. Maybe the cold is getting to me too and all these cold walks are prepping me for winter. Isn't there some wives tale about winter making your blood get thicker and you used to the cold? I don't know...but I do like the idea of long johns. I'm pulling those out! lol

I changed the dentist appointment as I didn't feel like going in and fretting about Mr. H and possibly driving the grandparents crazy. Big relief.

Just wish my pulled neck muscle wasn't there...but I'll take a quiet moment any way I can get it.

One thing that's on my mind, can I repaint the dining room floor before it gets really cold? I doubt it. But I can think about colors. I might go for something less beige and more blue...turquoise? Hmmm. We shall see.

tis the season to give! :)

I painted this news rack with various fun images all in the pursuit to give for charity. :) Part fundraiser and part contest, it's designed to get people to donate for the Holidays. :) I like the way my piece came out.


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Monday, November 15, 2010

Annie Lennox - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Monday, Monday

Wow. It's Monday and time to start the week again. This week is packed with parent/teacher/classroom visits. Three-Days-in-a-Row. I don't think my parents ever came 3 days in a row! There is a 4th day next week, too. I guess the idea is to squeeze as much guilt into the parents for not spending quality time w/the kiddos or something if you don't go to everything. I think it's because they don't allow us to take pics in the classroom (which is really annoying to me). I love having photos of their events but for some legal reason, we're not allowed. blah Anyway, it's a good thing I work from home. Also, I got Jon to help on Tuesday, so it's not too crazy (remember my almost 2 yr old...these events are right at his nap time). Sometimes, having your partner work an hour away, really is difficult. Thankfully, he has some time built up for days off...I'm very grateful for this!

Anyway, we had a very nice weekend; very relaxing and kid centered. We made some crafty things ( a turkey) and I finished up the News Rack for the fundraiser w/our local newspaper. It was upsetting at the time, and I can see some humor in it...sort of, now. After we loaded the rack in the car (the rack is like 150 pounds of metal...maybe more, heavy, let's just say), Jon drives off. The kids and I settled into making popcorn and reading the comics/watching TV. Next thing I know, there's Jon. I'm like, what? His face said it all. I ran outside and there were the broken pieces of the wood I had attached. I couldn't have been more upset and started to curse in spurts and mutters. After several hot glue sticks, paint and shaking rageful fists to the sky (it started to rain), we set it diagonally (the rack) and Jon was able to drive it to the mall with out incident.

I have to mention here that we live pretty close to our neighbors. I'd probably have sworn louder but don't think the people 3 houses down, really want to hear that. I've learned that lesson the hard way, let me tell you. So, it's better to just control your self, use your anger to fix whatever needs fixing and move on. By the time I finished fixing the rack, I felt better and wasn't too upset. I realized I had more time then I thought, and it was my own idea of how things should look that got replaced, not what others least I hope so. lol

Anyway, life is like that. You think you've got everything pinned down, ready to roll and then, it rolls away from you and you've got to fix the damage. Thankfully, it was minor material damage and not human related...well, just my ego (which probably needed a little of that).

Now, I have to make 20 dozen gingerbread cookies for Relay for Life. I keep thinking about it, so I know once I do it, it'll flow. Don't you love that? I do. I'm really glad I got gingerbread...I know I'll bake extra as the kids LOVE it. :)

One thing I do wish, I wish my whole family would come to church with us. I know that sounds so religious and controlling. I guess it just makes me think people would be happier if we all went to the same place. I know some of my relatives aren't religious but there is room, even for them. That's what's so nice about a place that is open to discussion/debate. It's not like, hey, believe what we believe or get out. It's very inclusive and I love that about being Episcopalian. Plus, they have really great food there. :)

I'm so excited for several reasons...I joined Relay for Life and am proud to be part of this group. I've wanted to do this for a long time...not just be on the outside.

And I'm excited for Thanksgiving and the holidays coming up. It just makes me happy to have a lot of wonderful things going on and enriching my kids lives (as well as my own). I'd love it if my west coast family could be here, too. Some day this might be a reality...I'll keep thinking about it. ;)

Well, I hope everyone has a great week. I feel blessed to have loving family and friends in our lives. It's a great feeling and I hope everyone has lovely traditions.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good Stuff

It's been a great relaxing day...lots of walking around outside with the kids (we saw the sweetest baby squirrels in a tree. Okay, all baby squirrels are sweet and you are very lucky if you get to seem them) and the dogs were very well behaved. I think our one dog, Penny, fits my second child to a tee. She's the runner of the family and loves to run with Penny. It's a great feeling to see them run in a safe place and they had a good time bonding. Still, Penny was sad and whined when I took longer to follow (walking with the youngest does that). Very sweet.

We then played around looking through toy boxes and cleaning out stuff. The kids really got into it and I'm glad to say we're making good head way. I also found out my oldest cat, Simone, is not using the litter box in their room. I put a covered litter box, hoping this would solve the problem. Not so...poor old, gal. Sigh.

I did more cleaning, more sweeping, feeding and dishes but it was really nice being with the kids. Plus, I finally learned how to add fractions (which doubling a recipe, I'm like, oh, come on! And looked it up on the Internet. Now, I can do complex fractions! woo hoo!). Maybe I'll look up how to do "proper grammar" as well. lol

I was supposed to be digging around for some things of Jon's...he's missing some stuff he wants to look at/possible sell. So, I'm clearing out stuff and trying to find it. Sounds worse than it is (Jon's terrible at finding things...I'm usually really good at it).

Anyway, the kids and I made peanut butter bars and the house smells really, really good. Not as good as pumpkin cake/pie but good, nonetheless.

Well, I've gotta go check on the manchild and see if he's up from his nap. I'm sure he'd like a snack.

Oh, I've basically finished the newspaper rack and have to bring it outside to varnish. It's on my dining room table...should take a pic. I have to say, I want to keep it now! Yeah, I know...I'm a pack rat. I will take plenty of pics for future use (possible cafepress cards).

Well, I hear the manchild...the smell must have gotten to him. Ciao!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's definitely Fall

Yesterday, when I came home from dropping the kids off at school, yellow leaves were falling down around our little pathway. I was telling little Mister to look at the leaves of the mulberry tree and we were stepped on a few looking for some satisfying crunches. Well, about 30 minutes later, I remembered to go vote, and when we came out nearly all the leaves had fallen! It was so funny to see the entire yard nearly covered with leaves...I just started laughing. I guess the little bit of frost we had weighed down the leaves and off they went. They hadn't even turned to red or yellow...still green!

Make You Feel Better by Red Hot Chili Peppers [HD 720p]

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


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Jon is a sort of Halloween Rocker and I'm a Madame Butterfly. lol!


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