Feeling better...

It's been one heck of a week! I know I sound like a mom and a stay-at-home mom, at that. Just with having a 2 yr old again(nearly 2, that is), I forgot about how exhausted they get when the weather gets colder, how they seem prone to falls (trying to keep up w/the big people) and just all around need for routine, routine, routine. Poor little guy.

Right now, he finally fell asleep after going for a walk and falling flat on his face on the cement. He tripped on the smallest crack (and there are some gaping holes on the sidewalk, let me tell you). I felt bad because I couldn't pick him up for more than 7 or so steps. I had the dogs and I pulled my neck muscle yesterday, so painful. Sigh...And Mr. H is not small but the size of a 4 yr old. Poor kid. At least he's padded in his coat.

His favorite word is "ow". I feel bad about that, too. He's really learning about language and words. He's trying to say bird (burr) and will scream, Ca! for cat! Thankfully, our home is filled with critters and he enjoys them. I brought up the guinea pigs and he was like, "Are these new critters for me?" He was ecstatic. When I moved them (the dogs were ecstatic about them too), to the dining room table, he was like, "hey, bring them back!" Glad he likes the guinea pigs.

He's learning to tell the dogs, no...and me too. I'm trying to teach him the word, yes and okay. So far, it sounds like "Yy" and "ay". I'll take it. ;)

It's funny, he's a bit scared of our bird, Odie. He peaks at Odie around the corner and tried to avoid walking by him by going around the whole room. Really funny. Odie just stares at him and sometimes makes a noise. This just tickles Mr. H.

I'm reading the kids Pipi Longstocking. They are old enough to get the humor and think what a fun and colorful character she is. I love that about them. Plus, I could see the cogs spinning in their heads...Thingfinders has a good ring about it. :)

I'm glad it's Friday...I need the break. With the time change, parent/school meetings and all that crazy kid stuff in there, I feel like I need a nap. Maybe the cold is getting to me too and all these cold walks are prepping me for winter. Isn't there some wives tale about winter making your blood get thicker and you used to the cold? I don't know...but I do like the idea of long johns. I'm pulling those out! lol

I changed the dentist appointment as I didn't feel like going in and fretting about Mr. H and possibly driving the grandparents crazy. Big relief.

Just wish my pulled neck muscle wasn't there...but I'll take a quiet moment any way I can get it.

One thing that's on my mind, can I repaint the dining room floor before it gets really cold? I doubt it. But I can think about colors. I might go for something less beige and more blue...turquoise? Hmmm. We shall see.


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