Colds, allergies and puttering or Put a smile on your Face and deal with it!

Geesh, what a depressing title to this blog post. I added the "or" part because I do think the power of positive attitude is a HUGE thing in life. You might not think so at the time, but if you smile, some how it does spread to everyone else and before you know it, things start to feel a bit better.
Here's a video we did before everyone got sick on Thanksgiving day of the kids.

Right now, we are in the slow down and relax stage...some of us that is...of the cold. There is no better remedy then a nap, vicks, hot soup and tea. The best when it's brought to you on a tray in a room with one of those humidity thingies. Love that. Mine, however, needs a new, I'll have to wait. Jon is napping as I type and try to get the kids to calm down. Maybe we'll bake something to keep them occupied.

100_7153 At church

Today the kids are off school and Jon is home sick. I'm trying to get him to the doctor's but he is being stubborn. I can't just pick him up and stick him in the car. Geesh, what is it with men and the doctors??

My allergy turned into a cold combo. I notice I am feeling better but I keep pushing myself to do more but have to stop myself. I like doing stuff, I guess.

I'll conserve my energy as I have to bake those Gingerbread cookies for Relay for Life. I'm really excited about this. I'm still not sure if I'll decorate them...depends on energy level. So, we shall see.

Oh, and I'm so happy! I sold 2 Christmas ornaments!! I was really nervous as they are new for me and honestly, the pictures do not do them justice. They are REALLY cute in person...for some reason the photos came out really blurry. I want to get one of those mini-studio's for photo taking. They aren't too costly something like $40. I probably could make one but it would be a Mickey Mouse job (not professional). So, I'll put that on my Christmas wish list. :)

Oddly, the house looks cleaner and more organized when I'm trapped in the house from the weather. It's fun to putter. I do feel a bit bad that we've been all sick and not doing too much. Well, it's part of life. We'll make up for it once we feel better. :)



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