Monday, Monday

Wow. It's Monday and time to start the week again. This week is packed with parent/teacher/classroom visits. Three-Days-in-a-Row. I don't think my parents ever came 3 days in a row! There is a 4th day next week, too. I guess the idea is to squeeze as much guilt into the parents for not spending quality time w/the kiddos or something if you don't go to everything. I think it's because they don't allow us to take pics in the classroom (which is really annoying to me). I love having photos of their events but for some legal reason, we're not allowed. blah Anyway, it's a good thing I work from home. Also, I got Jon to help on Tuesday, so it's not too crazy (remember my almost 2 yr old...these events are right at his nap time). Sometimes, having your partner work an hour away, really is difficult. Thankfully, he has some time built up for days off...I'm very grateful for this!

Anyway, we had a very nice weekend; very relaxing and kid centered. We made some crafty things ( a turkey) and I finished up the News Rack for the fundraiser w/our local newspaper. It was upsetting at the time, and I can see some humor in it...sort of, now. After we loaded the rack in the car (the rack is like 150 pounds of metal...maybe more, heavy, let's just say), Jon drives off. The kids and I settled into making popcorn and reading the comics/watching TV. Next thing I know, there's Jon. I'm like, what? His face said it all. I ran outside and there were the broken pieces of the wood I had attached. I couldn't have been more upset and started to curse in spurts and mutters. After several hot glue sticks, paint and shaking rageful fists to the sky (it started to rain), we set it diagonally (the rack) and Jon was able to drive it to the mall with out incident.

I have to mention here that we live pretty close to our neighbors. I'd probably have sworn louder but don't think the people 3 houses down, really want to hear that. I've learned that lesson the hard way, let me tell you. So, it's better to just control your self, use your anger to fix whatever needs fixing and move on. By the time I finished fixing the rack, I felt better and wasn't too upset. I realized I had more time then I thought, and it was my own idea of how things should look that got replaced, not what others least I hope so. lol

Anyway, life is like that. You think you've got everything pinned down, ready to roll and then, it rolls away from you and you've got to fix the damage. Thankfully, it was minor material damage and not human related...well, just my ego (which probably needed a little of that).

Now, I have to make 20 dozen gingerbread cookies for Relay for Life. I keep thinking about it, so I know once I do it, it'll flow. Don't you love that? I do. I'm really glad I got gingerbread...I know I'll bake extra as the kids LOVE it. :)

One thing I do wish, I wish my whole family would come to church with us. I know that sounds so religious and controlling. I guess it just makes me think people would be happier if we all went to the same place. I know some of my relatives aren't religious but there is room, even for them. That's what's so nice about a place that is open to discussion/debate. It's not like, hey, believe what we believe or get out. It's very inclusive and I love that about being Episcopalian. Plus, they have really great food there. :)

I'm so excited for several reasons...I joined Relay for Life and am proud to be part of this group. I've wanted to do this for a long time...not just be on the outside.

And I'm excited for Thanksgiving and the holidays coming up. It just makes me happy to have a lot of wonderful things going on and enriching my kids lives (as well as my own). I'd love it if my west coast family could be here, too. Some day this might be a reality...I'll keep thinking about it. ;)

Well, I hope everyone has a great week. I feel blessed to have loving family and friends in our lives. It's a great feeling and I hope everyone has lovely traditions.


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