Good Stuff

It's been a great relaxing day...lots of walking around outside with the kids (we saw the sweetest baby squirrels in a tree. Okay, all baby squirrels are sweet and you are very lucky if you get to seem them) and the dogs were very well behaved. I think our one dog, Penny, fits my second child to a tee. She's the runner of the family and loves to run with Penny. It's a great feeling to see them run in a safe place and they had a good time bonding. Still, Penny was sad and whined when I took longer to follow (walking with the youngest does that). Very sweet.

We then played around looking through toy boxes and cleaning out stuff. The kids really got into it and I'm glad to say we're making good head way. I also found out my oldest cat, Simone, is not using the litter box in their room. I put a covered litter box, hoping this would solve the problem. Not so...poor old, gal. Sigh.

I did more cleaning, more sweeping, feeding and dishes but it was really nice being with the kids. Plus, I finally learned how to add fractions (which doubling a recipe, I'm like, oh, come on! And looked it up on the Internet. Now, I can do complex fractions! woo hoo!). Maybe I'll look up how to do "proper grammar" as well. lol

I was supposed to be digging around for some things of Jon's...he's missing some stuff he wants to look at/possible sell. So, I'm clearing out stuff and trying to find it. Sounds worse than it is (Jon's terrible at finding things...I'm usually really good at it).

Anyway, the kids and I made peanut butter bars and the house smells really, really good. Not as good as pumpkin cake/pie but good, nonetheless.

Well, I've gotta go check on the manchild and see if he's up from his nap. I'm sure he'd like a snack.

Oh, I've basically finished the newspaper rack and have to bring it outside to varnish. It's on my dining room table...should take a pic. I have to say, I want to keep it now! Yeah, I know...I'm a pack rat. I will take plenty of pics for future use (possible cafepress cards).

Well, I hear the manchild...the smell must have gotten to him. Ciao!


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