Monday, November 29, 2004

Cure for depression...

I've found a little cure for depression. I've always known that walking is good for you. And I like walking with my little girls, a lot. But walking with a dog is something entirely different. I mean it's almost totally social. You just feel different. And people are different. Suddenly, there are smiles and "aw, what a cute dog!" I get that with the girls too, obviously. But now I get double the amount. It's a good feeling.

As for Mr. Snowflake Nelson, he is doing well. Pooping everywhere but outside, but doing well. I found a soft poop in my daughter's bedroom. I'm really, really glad I found it before her.

I think my cats have forgiven me for getting this new little addition. I've seen them all (they came out of hiding) and they have at least acknowledged me. I do feel a bit bad about that...but hey they'll adapt. They had to for each other.

One thing is certain. No more new pets. Not for a long time. Or at least until around next November. I'm thinking guinea pigs. I really do like animals. I'm an animal artist (I do paintings of animals and other subjects) and they are such good inspiration. The nice thing to know is that every one of my pets needed a home and I got them free.

In other news, I'm picking up my crocheting and trying to use up the last of the yarn. I'm annoyed because I went to shop for more yarn and they-were-out! This so angers me. Of course, if you saw me in the store you'd see this tall woman in a big red jacket with a slight pinched look about the eyes and pursed lips. If I'm by my self, I usually will just give up and buy something else or nothing. If my husbands there, I'll try and convince him to ask...he usually does...and then the same remark is always heard, "If it's not on the shelves it's not in stock." Very annoying and I have this feeling there is this plot to rid the world of yarn. Or at least sell a few bits of the stuff I like. I guess I like the stuff that's too popular. Hey, what can I say? ;-)

Cheese. That's another subject all together. I'm slightly lactose intolarent...I can take a bit of milk but after 1 cup, I'm screwed. And I love cheese. I can live with out milk but I love cheese. Edam. That's our recent tasting. Very good texture (firm and not soft), mellow taste and good for those hard days when you just want to relax and not have too much excitement. I've got to explore crackers. We've been sampling low sodium wheat thins. Tasty but a tad too rich. I like Melba, personally. That is the taste of a pure cracker. I don't care for additives and ever since I had my kids, I've become sensitive to salt (swollen feet).

Lately, I've been feeling like going out (I'm sure this is because of having a dog. I'm telling you they are good therapy. Who would have thought!). Dave's Dream, a local restaurant of Hollidaysburg, is well known to the people of Altoona. It has a reputation for the elders of the community but is very family oriented and I've seen a few nose piercings and purple dyed hair there. So, it's pretty darn cool and relaxed as well. They serve a choice of bread (if you're early) white or wheat (I like the wheat) and then they have simple home style yummies. I'm not a vegetarian (I was at one point) so I esp. like the stuffed pork chops on Sundays (only on Sundays, as I learned when we made a middle of the week run). There are lots of good things to get, even for the vegetarian. The salads always make me laugh. Originally, I was from California and a salad is a true salad there. In other words, no meat. But if you order a salad in PA or Altoona, PA, you will get on your salad a choice of turkey or chicken, and french fries. This is incredible to me! French fries on your salad?!? Hey, I'm not about to get angry about it. But I do pity the person tryin to shed a few pounds and sees this on their plate.

They've got some good food around here, if you look. It's really a matter of luck. There are great Italian places and some more generic stuff. I miss Alhambra CA. The variaty of Asian cuisine is incredible. They have a great soup called "Pho". Beef. I haven't had beef in ages (I'm really worried about that mad cow junk) so maybe it's not so bad being tempted. Yeah right.

My favorite of all places was the Happy Family Restuarant of Alhambra off of Atlantic. I love love loved the fried eggplant with cilantro. I wish I could make this. If anyone knows the recipe please email me! I'm not kidding about this. I've looked and can't find it anywhere. :-(

Well, enough homesick dreaming for now. I can't even have a good albondigos soup (I tried this on my own but it wasn't quite the same). Another great Alhambra restuarant, Casa de Calderon. Good food and nice people. Everytime I went I felt like I was watching a has a good feel about it. Okay, now I'm really sad.

Enough, I'll be writing more tomorrow. I can already feel a pound growing on me from all this writing.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Bichon Frise

We apparently have a dog now. He's very hyper but I think, it's due to the new surroundings.

Boy, a dog is so different from a cat or in my case 4 cats. He's a sweet dog, however. It's nice that he was free too and came with quite a few items (food, leash, toys).

His original name is Snowflake, we are going to name him another name. Actually, I was calling him Mr. Nelson but for training purposes we are going to stick with Snowflake for now. Why am I going to call him Mr. Nelson? If you remember the Swedish television show called Pipi Longstocking that was run in America as Pipi movies, then you might recall a little monkey. This monkey was named Mr. Nelson. I imagined a dog as small as a cat. But Snowflake is way bigger (though he's not the 25 pounds I estimated...actually he's closer to 16 pounds). I still like the name Mr. Nelson but he might be confused by this.

There were a few adventures with the cats and girls. Nothing serious. The cats did the puffed up tails but where not in too much terror. The girls like him and he didn't knock them over. They got a few scratches because he plays a bit rough...and they smelled like butter after lunch. So, that's not too bad. He needs to be potty trained and were working on that. But after having to clean up the girls after they've had the flu (on Thanksgiving), this isn't so horrible.

I'm debating whether or not to get him fixed. If we train him and he does well with this, I won't and will probably get him registered. This all depends on his learning how to do things. But he is settling well. He's been through most of the house and there is some confusion on his part with what toys are his and which are the girls. It's cute, otherwise. Not when he attacks my pink fluffy slippers...when I'm wearing them, however.

We crated him the first night, but we won't be doing that again. I think the crate is too small and he actually is such a good dog, I think he'll be fine on the sofa, a blankie or in our room. Right now, Jon is chasing him...Snowflake has the baby's bottle. haha

I'll get pics soon.


Hello, world!
Well, I'm on a coffee high, let me get that out now. So, anything I type may sound rushed and hyper...this is why. Altoona does not carry a Starbucks. I know, it's very establishment and all, but I do so like their coffees, and hey, they did/do donate a lot to organizations and schools (when I worked at the Alhambra library, they gave to the literacy program there, very cool).

Anyway, Altoona has no Starbucks but they do have a Sheetz gas station/food/coffee place. The one on 17th street is brand spanking new and is a bit too big, but hey, it's got pretty darn good coffee. Plus, I like their newspaper selection. I haven't looked for the NY Times but they did have the Washinton Post, so, that's good.

I'm drinking their peppermint coffee. It cooled off in the car, but it's good stuff. I went on an hour long shopping outing by my self. This is big stuff to a mama of two little ones. I can't believe how nice it was and quiet. I was kind of psyched up because I put my new bumper stickers on "Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry" and "All mothers are working mothers" from I was very happy to spread my little bit of self out into the world.

Sometimes, I get a bit sad. I left a lot of friends in California, I mean a lot. More than I realized. Also, there was the whole familiarity and even if my family is problematic, they are my family after all. But I was happy to know, I'm my own best friend. I hope I don't sound like I'm depressed too much, at least.

I do know a few people, my neighbors (of all things! In CA this was kind of hard to do), and once we start going to Church, I'll have Church friends. I'm also going, when I remember, to the art group called Art in Common. These are great people, and I look forward to meeting more of them.

Speaking of Church, I'm planning on going if I ever wake up early enough. It's an Episcopalian and I would like to try the Unitarian. Like I said, waking up is a factor. I really wanted to go this Sunday, but we are getting over the flu. Thanksgiving was not as picturesque as we imagined. My eldest daughter, 2.5, threw up all over. She kept at it until 5 am. Around 1 am I started to do that, and then, my husband, Jon. My youngest got over it about 4 days before. So, we all came down with the flu. yuck.

There is an Episcopalian meeting on Thursdays at 6:30pm, I believe. Perhaps, we will try that. We are not willingly early birds. They only way I like to get up early is to do yard sale shopping. I know, that's a bit shallow, bit it makes me happy.

This year, I am trying to make at least half of my Christmas presents. I love doing this. I think it really is what Christmas is about. Making things for the ones we love. The process of making something with your hands and using that exspensive commodity of time, is really more meaningful then buying stuff off the shelves. That's my opinion. Others may have different ones, and that is perfectly fine. I'm a snob, what can I say.

Of course, the best thing is being there with your family in a loving way. I think this is really the cake and all else is the icing. I haven't had breakfast yet, so I'm sorry for the food metaphors. Coffee is not filling.

Well, I went to the local AC Moore craft store. They didn't have my yarn! Now, I have to order it. I'm making my best friend, Caroline (who lives in the crazy state of Ohio), a baby blanket for her coming little bundle of joy. I have to say, the blanket is looking pretty darn beautiful. I may have to may my self one. I love crocheted soft baby blankets. I wish I was petite sometimes so I could wrap myself up in one. Unfortunately, I can only get away with wrapping up my head in one. Oh, well.

Speaking of small, we may be getting a Free bichon fress. I stress FREE because no way in hell would I spend $600 on a dog. That floors me. I just have to think of all the homeless pups and kittens at the shelters, and it breaks my heart. All my cats needed homes. 2 were street cats (and by pure luck, they were healthy), one was born from a stray cat mama, and the other was going to be given to the pound. It's a lot of work, but on these cold days, it's sure nice to have walking heating pads around. I swear they are so good on your feet!

Well, the sweet potatoes are up. I gotta go.

Peace and good will, pass it on!

Thursday, November 25, 2004


The world outside my window has flecks of white in the air. Reminds me of feathers floating, of glass globes settling, things like that. The temp has dropped to the 30's, at last. I know I'll regret wishing it was going to snow, again but if you have to have snow, why not welcome it a little.

As for other parts of my world, down in the basement my hubby, Jon, is building me a work table out of an old door. Should be interesting. I've been working as much as I can (with two little ones, 2.5 and 1.5) on all sorts of projects. My most favorite, Chinese Ink Paintings of animals, crocheting, wood working (though I have to get a mask...I appear to have sinus problems after I work with my wood tools, ugh), quilting curtains and making christmas gifts for my loved ones.

I was amazed to see I got a special gift from one of my art clients. A handmade tape of relaxing tunes. What a surprise and treat! Thank you! I think I'll have to send something special as a thank you.

I was a bit down about the election (actually, I still am). So, I did a cartoon and plan on doing a few more when inspiration hits me. I will post on my gallery before long.

Did I mention, I love reading peoples blogs? I've never done this before, but I do write very often in my personal journal. This is, obviously, way more public. I usually vent in my journals, so most people are saved from that junk. Usually.

Well, I guess I'll close for now. Can't believe I'm doing this, but it's a good feeling. I was a bit depressed/annoyed that the other bloggers in the area are all under 25. It figures. I was always a late bloomer. Sigh...

E.D.G.E. Gallery

Hi, and welcome to my blog.
My name is Emily Dimov-Gottshall and the date is November 25th 2004, Thanksgiving. I'm starting my very own personal blog. Why? Because I felt like it.


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