Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jon and I

Jon and I by Emilyannamarie
Jon and I, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Did this recipe called Saltine Toffee Cookie good!

Oh, and mom is you're reading this, the book/film I was telling you about was called Bleakhouse by Dickens. Got confused with Trollope.

100_4831 by Emilyannamarie
100_4831, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Penny Olive's new sweater

100_4843 by Emilyannamarie
100_4843, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pray for Peace

Pray to whoever you kneel down to:
Jesus nailed to his wooden or marble or plastic cross,
his suffering face bent to kiss you,
Buddha still under the Bo tree in scorching heat,
Adonai, Allah, raise your arms to Mary
that she may lay her palm on our brows,
to Shekinhah, Queen of Heaven and Earth,
to Inanna in her stripped descent.

Hawk or Wolf, or the Great Whale, Record Keeper
of time before, time now, time ahead, pray. Bow down
to terriers and shepherds and siamese cats.
Fields of artichokes and elegant strawberries.

Pray to the bus driver who takes you to work,
pray on the bus, pray for everyone riding that bus
and for everyone riding buses all over the world.
If you haven't been on a bus in a long time,
climb the few steps, drop some silver, and pray.

Waiting in line for the movies, for the ATM,
for your latté and croissant, offer your plea.
Make your eating and drinking a supplication.
Make your slicing of carrots a holy act,
each translucent layer of the onion, a deeper prayer.

Make the brushing of your hair
a prayer, every strand its own voice,
singing in the choir on your head.
As you wash your face, the water slipping
through your fingers, a prayer: Water,
softest thing on earth, gentleness
that wears away rock.

Making love, of course, is already a prayer.
Skin and open mouths worshipping that skin,
the fragile case we are poured into,
each caress a season of peace.

If you're hungry, pray. If you're tired.
Pray to Gandhi and Dorothy Day.
Shakespeare. Sappho. Sojourner Truth.
Pray to the angels and the ghost of your grandfather.

When you walk to your car, to the mailbox,
to the video store, let each step
be a prayer that we all keep our legs,
that we do not blow off anyone else's legs.
Or crush their skulls.
And if you are riding on a bicycle
or a skateboard, in a wheel chair, each revolution
of the wheels a prayer that as the earth revolves
we will do less harm, less harm, less harm.

And as you work, typing with a new manicure,
a tiny palm tree painted on one pearlescent nail
or delivering soda or drawing good blood
into rubber-capped vials, writing on a blackboard
with yellow chalk, twirling pizzas, pray for peace.

With each breath in, take in the faith of those
who have believed when belief seemed foolish,
who persevered. With each breath out, cherish.

Pull weeds for peace, turn over in your sleep for peace,
feed the birds for peace, each shiny seed
that spills onto the earth, another second of peace.
Wash your dishes, call your mother, drink wine.

Shovel leaves or snow or trash from your sidewalk.
Make a path. Fold a photo of a dead child
around your VISA card. Gnaw your crust
of prayer, scoop your prayer water from the gutter.
Mumble along like a crazy person, stumbling
your prayer through the streets.
pray for peace - ellen bass

Snowy day...finally

It's a snowy day, at last. We've had rain, cold and now finally a bit of snow. I'm actually looking forward to it. I hope it's not too bad and a gentle snow. I guess we'll find out.

My sinus stuff is still bothering me/headache/migraine mix w/ ear pain. Whine, whine whine

Happily, my ankle is feeling better and maybe it's not a hairline fracture like I was starting to worry about. So far, little pain and mostly from the plantar facetious (I think that's how it's spelled).

an older pic of Penny with Finn sleeping nearby
I said let's go for a walk and Penny ran over, so I'll have to keep this short.  The kids are off of school today and we are taking extra easy. The best way to start a holiday break. There is much to do...cookies to bake, ornaments to make for gifts and packages still to be wrapped. I still haven't sent a single card out. I'm terrible. I might wait till Jan 1. Honestly, I was waiting for Harry's school pics to arrive but we didn't get them yet. :( So, maybe I'll send out once I get that. Also, I actually want to go and get some photos done at JC Penny's or using my tripod with the family. we shall see.

I feel like this year has been so, so sad on many levels. I still can't believe my aunt and dear daddy are gone. And my beloved, Mr. Nelson went too. The tragedy with the school children in Ct and the child that died in Altoona is so much to much loss. I keep praying for the hearts of the living and all they have suffered.

I've heard people saying how could God let things happen?  I don't think this is a matter of God allowing things to happen. We are all given the ability to make choices in our life. What it does show is how very important it is to make choices that do good and won't hurt people. It goes back to that old Golden Rule.

"Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain, and your neighbor's loss as your own loss." –Laozi

25And one day an authority on the law stood up to put Jesus to the test. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to receive eternal life?”
26What is written in the Law?” Jesus replied. “How do you understand it?” 27He answered, “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your strength and with all your mind.’(Deuteronomy 6:5) And, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ ”
28“You have answered correctly,” Jesus replied. “Do that, and you will live.”.

Keep this in mind in all things. If we did, the choice is easy and life will be easier for many people. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Celtic Woman - Ave Maria

Celtic Woman - Pie Jesu

Gesu Bambino (Luciano Pavarotti)

Baking and such

I just love this, the President playing with a Spider kid. :)

I baked a double batch of oatmeal/chocolate chip and raisin cookies. I doubt if it will survive till Christmas. I'm planning to bake another gingerbread cake (2, in fact) and if I have time, more cookies. I feel tired just thinking about it.

We're supposed to get a storm. We're not prepared in the least. Hopefully, this is mostly talk and not so bad.

Yesterday, I had a migraine and was feeling really awful. My ankle hurt like heck, my head was pounding and I had sinus/ear pain. My ear is ringing but not so bad as yesterday. However, my ankle is about 75% better.

Ever since those kids were hurt, I've been feeling so, so sad about everything. I know it has to do with my dad's leaving us and just everything that has happened. I don't write too much about stuff that happens at home because I don't really understand a lot of what is happening. I mean in relation to how some people can't let go and some can and move on. I tend to think that most people can move on but there are some who would rather try and raise the dead then embrace the time we have right now.

A lot of sad things have happened (again, I don't want to talk about it) but what it comes down to is people just being cruel and hurtful. These people don't think they are hurting anyone especially children, but they are. Denying aid, being mean to children's parents and friends, this all effects kids. It breaks my heart that there is this attitude.

I don't talk about religion or my belief too much on here...well, maybe I do if you're atheist, lol. But I have always liked the quote from the bible that goes: Matthew 7:3 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

I have thought about this many, many times. Yes, I'm not perfect and have made mistakes in my life. However, I am working on it and learning from my mistakes. It makes me sad that some people do not do fact, they don't even seem reflective of anything but the sawdust in other people's eyes.

What bothers me the most is, time is passing and people are behaving badly. Their intent is to make other people feel pain, I guess. I don't understand this, revengeful attitude especially when nothing was done to deserve it. It reminds me all too much of how my father lost his 2nd home because someone held a grudge and then cashed in. Of course, this person didn't believe in anything but money. And I know some of it was that my dad was mentally and physically ill.

I pray for people to change their hearts and know that they aren't just hurting grownups but children. Did anyone ever do this to their kids & parents when they were young? Why would anyone do this to others?? Sorry for being so vague, but it's beyond me to understand cruelty.

Okay, I feel better getting this off my chest. Life is too short. Why not make this the best world one can make and work together? How much more effective if energy like this was put into doing good and being kind? How much more would you attract good things in one's life? How much more would the community appreciate you and lift you up?

One of my idol's is Jimmy Stewart's character in "It's a Wonderful Life". Why? Because he stood up for people who needed him. This is what I want to do with my little life. And I want others to use him as their example for how to behave and how to interact with others. Have a good day!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mille Cherubini In Coro- Carlo Buti w/Translation

A bunch of recent events by photos...phewie!

Kids played at Craft Bazaar

Hollidaysburg Alumni Chorus

me and part of the gang

loves that scooter

practicing for the pagent

bribed by a cookie

yes, that's my tear faced little guy

church St. Nick Brunch

meeting old St. Nick and gold chocolate coins!!

asking for highly priced toys...

telling St. Nick she wants an expensive digital game


Happy 4th Birthday!

he was thrilled and probably ate too many sweets.

strangley spinning

I will have to remember that November thru December is the busiest time of the year. I'm thankful for only having cold weather, little ice and no snow (yet). I can't believe how many activities there are....too many, honestly. But it's all starting to calm down, sort of. We still have to muddle through a few more activities and then we can relax. 

Why do we do so much? I'm thankful for our traditions and being able to do things, but it does seem like an awful lot. And most seems to fall on the homemaker of the family...or the one who is inclined towards making the nest. I'm tired just thinking about it all and it's barely the beginning of Monday. 

I think all the lovely feeling of this time of the year is marred but the terrible things that happened on Friday. A part of me doesn't want to think about it, the loss of so much life cut short much too soon. It saddens me to think how vulnerable we all are and makes me afraid because we have school in our lives. 

I've been praying for the survivors and hoping that out of this madness something good will happen. I don't know if this could have ever been prevented. Illness, of this sort, is so unpredictable and could have happened anywhere. 

Make Me Brave for Life

God, make me brave for life: oh, braver than this.

Let me straighten after pain, as a tree straightens after the rain,

Shining and lovely again.

God, make me brave for life; much braver than this.

As the blown grass lifts, let me rise

From sorrow with quiet eyes,

Knowing Thy way is wise.

God, make me brave, life brings

Such blinding things.

Help me to keep my sight;

Help me to see aright

That out of dark comes light.

And I wanted to share a link about anger management. I feel strongly that many people have these issues and need ways to express themselves that aren't hurtful to people. I've done that too...hurt people when I was feeling sad/angry. What helps is to do many of the actions in the link. Exercise, write out your feelings, or if you have to, seek professional help. Lashing out at people is unhealthy and only makes you feel worse. Also, for the person who gets in the line of fire, confusion and fear of pain or worse. 

My church shared this from the National Association of School Psychologists. This actually is helping me as a parent deal with the distressing events of late.

I'm praying many will remember to express themselves in a healthy way and we can learn to be better people from all of this. Remember to love one another, that each of us has pain and sorrow in our lives and to forgive petty issues.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

feeling blah but still smiling

Norrie from last Sunday...I caught her cold and lack of energy. Bleh...At least I know she is starting to feel better (takes about 3 days). I just feel tired


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