Have a Happy Thanksgiving~

My thoughts are with the people who are fighting against oppression in North Dakota. It is a turning point in history and I'm praying more banks pull out of it and stop these intrusive and environmentally destructive actions. My other thoughts are with family and friends and hoping all are content, healthy and find/do good works. 

I started a play list called Rainbow Warriors on Spotify. It has nearly all of the songs from the original Greenpeace 2 album tapes I had years ago. It was good collecting them and brought tears, memories and a feeling of sadness for all the things that are happening with protests and unease. 

A lot of people are upset about the election and some are very happy. I'm more in the middle. I hope there is change and I hope to see Mr. Trump be more like Teddy Roosevelt. That is my hope. I focus on this quote: 

"You never regret being kind." 
               Nicole Shepherd



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