I want a Halloween redo!

I forgot to take photos of the kids, had school on trick or treat night and missed that, husband forgot to take photos of the tricks or treats and my two adolescents are more friend oriented now (and that sort of sucks but is nice too). Oh, well.

The best thing was we did church/movie/dance and it was a blast. We really had a good time and I highly recommend having a church themed event because it is silly and fun and safe. That is the best thing, really. I love being Episcopalian as we're open about everything and our group is very progressive (which I love!). I hope most people can do stuff like this. What a difference from the group I used to go to as a kid where I was given the hairy eyeball for wearing a tee-shirt with dancers on it. O.m. goodness! What a waste of energy. Now, we're all rainbows, mentally progressive and happy. A good, good feeling. :D Plus, we got to see Beetlejuice and it was a lot of fun.


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