Being in school again


So, if you didn't know, I went back to school. Thankfully, I was placed in the graduate program but am filling in some missing links for classes as it's been a long while since I've been in school. A part of me was slightly depressed about it but another part of me was, finally! One of the biggest hurdles of going back wasn't so much getting used to school and classes, I love them all and I get a feeling of happiness learning new skills, even if it's challenging. The biggest issue wasn't even family adjustments (the family sort of rebelled against change...esp. me not being around as much, choirs slipped, that sort of thing). For me, it was finding out I have a serious health issues. I've talked about it quite a bit, hypothyroidism, but I didn't realize it was holding me back so much...and that it would sort of "flush" itself to the surface. I view it as a good thing that happened, really, as I don't feel as energetic as I have in years. I was reading a book about this and I could totally relate to the women who suddenly were treated with the right illness and had a rebirth. I should really do some more butterfly art...that's how I feel too. It even has changed my perspective on the seasons. For years (and this blog probably has accounts of it), I was so down about the seasons, light and dark and all that as the sun moves away from the us. Now, I hardly recognize a feeling of depression or feeling "down". Things just feel more upbeat and positive...even with the current election crap. haha

   I sometimes want to shout from the tops of buildings, get your thyroid tested! I really do. I feel the more people get tested, the more awareness doctors have, the better people will feel. It's almost like there is the reluctance (thinking of how I suspected I had it 3 years ago, and my doctors, then, did nothing) in the medical profession, I hope this is changing big time.

Switching gears a bit, I've been participating in the paintings. I did all 31 days of drawing in ink and sumi ink. I had a great time doing this and what's more, practiced my art and feel more confident about my skills. Here's a few from my flickr account:

"Wreck"#inktober #inktober2016

"Creepy"#inktober #inktober2016


Oh and I did a photo shoot at our church in honor of St. Francis! They came out really cute! 

Kitty magic!

Bark or Treat!


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