Autumn day at last

finally, fall seems to have expressed her self. Took a little while to warm up to but the moon seemed to say time to change, my dear, it's time. Autumn shook off summer and pulled on her gray cloudy hat. "So, there!" she said and stamped about the green leaves kicking them a lighter shade of pale yellow green. She had started the change and the sigh of seasons could just catch our breaths away because we knew, something was up. "It's all good," said the bears and deer in the woods. The birds blinked wonderingly. Was it time for them to begin the Southern move? They were ready as the air already held a certain chill they did not like. Their Northern cousins laughed at their sensitivity, happily plotting out which were the best trees for seeds and which would be the best people to fill their bird feeders. Older squirrels thought of days gone by, remembering they need to start stocking up for winter and keep the young ones on their toes.


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