painting and school and subbing

So, stuff is happening. School is starting up...for me and the kids. I've agreed to student teaching next semester...oh, I hope I can do this and speak loudly for the class to hear me. I know this is my weak spot and apparently, is connected to hypothyroidism. However, I can yell and talk loudly when annoyed...however, do I want to be that annoyed? Probably not. I think I'll have to practice vocal lessons to at least try to sound a little louder. Great, I'm back to remembering what I learned in speech therapy. Argh! If I have warm tea or even warm water, this helps. Or cough drops, I guess. Otherwise, I'm excited about this.

Hopefully, I'll get all the paper work for subbing together for several districts in my area. I hope that works out well. I also want to finish up some observations for schools and take a full 8 hours and get that done.

My other goals are to keep working at building our community garden at our church...this is a project we started about May. I'm very pleased at how it's progressing. The biggest joy was when we donated 3 bags of food we grew for a local food bank. We're planning on doing a winter garden. Something that will extend the growing period at the end and beginning of the year. We're working with several organizations:the junior high, boys and girls club, as well as directly with the community. It's a learning experience for sure.

I did an art camp this summer which I learned so much from. I LOVED it! My biggest learning part was I'm out of shape and need to wear good walking shoes as I got the worst blisters of my life. Otherwise, I was walking pretty good at the end but dang, I wish I knew that tying your shoes tightly, keeps your foot from moving around/creating massive blisters. I lost the balls of my foot but am happy to report they are healing well.

I also taught a class at the Palmer museum. This was so much fun and I had two wonderful docents to help and show me how to draw out children. Really a good experience.

The biggest change is my feeling of comfort from new experiences. I don't know if it's me getting used to my medication for hypothyroidism or just growing as a person or what, but it's a good feeling not to feel anxiety. Now, if the weather would get a pinch cooler, I can start walking again and feel even better. Today the rains came and we went out for a bit. It feels about 20 degrees cooler! So, it's happening just taking some time. The smell of the Earth is amazing after the rain/coolness and the bugs are singing happily.

With all the politics happening, I feel like this has been the fastest and strangest summer. I don't watch main stream news or TV because it usually speeds things up. And man, just the little I get from I can feel the stress going up for everyone. I must say, I'm so grateful for our church and how it is evolving. I really am. Even if we don't have the same ideas, it's great to be doing things and feeling connected.

I also am grateful for being back in school...even if I get stressed out. It's not that bad, really. Plus, I got to go to a Bernie rally. I feel really blessed.

There does feel like holes...people we've lost, I'll think about them and miss them. My anxiety isn't totally gone as more family have gotten sick and from serious conditions...cancer. My brother's wife having colon cancer is terrible. But, there is is good in that she is getting treatment and is strong. I do wish we could all have our genetic codes read/understood so we can find out what we might be more likely to get and to do preemptive treatments. I'm sure it will happen, some day.

And that is my overall feeling...that there are good and bad things. However, I do believe there is mostly good. And I'm learning to see things from others eyes. Listening and not being reactionary to someone's varying opinion, let's things get aired out, patience develop and hopefully, learning come from this. I'm learning, little by little.


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