Thought I'd sit down and write a spell

It's been awhile. Basically, things have gotten a little better with my knowing/understanding hypothyroidism. It explains a lot of the ups and downs I've had over the years and why I was affected in a deeper way then most people by things...such as anxiety or fear of shots, etc. It's funny how things that normally I would have felt nauseous about (like seeing gore in movies) doesn't bother me quite as much. I expect to feel a stomach twisting feeling and it's not there...a relief, really. I'm still learning about my self and things are much calmer. I don't "freak" out as much and just sort of break things up into smaller components and deal with it. I like that.

I'm learning how to make things easier to take care of by scheduling them and having time frames for things. It's a good feeling because you're not all over and stressed out.

Recently, we learned my sister in law, my brother's wife, has stage 4 colon cancer. We're praying for her to recover and do well with treatment. After knowing what I've been through with hypothyroidism, I can't imagine the energy it uses up. I hope she has lots of help and I'm grateful that my brother is there to help. I think this is one of the reasons we are on this Earth, to help each other. I wish I lived closer to help them...they are in California and I'm in PA. Trying to think of gift ideas to make and send to them.

In other news, I'm working at my art and getting inspired. I still can't believe how much art I did while not feeling so hot. And I see why I was getting burned out too.If you don't have energy for basics in your life, how will you have energy for other things? I even stopped making food and could barely do chores at my worst. Now, I'm a little better. I have learned, however, that binge watching is not a good idea for hypo people. It will leave you dried out.

I'm very grateful to my kids stepping up to help me and doing their tasks well. They are great kids...even if they have tantrums and act out every now and then. Who's perfect, anyway?!? I'd rather people have a few tantrums and blow off steam...well, as long as it's not directed at a person and no one is hurt.

I've been frustrated by politics, too. I'm a huge Bernie supporter and disappointed by all the crude that has happened. I still believe in Bernie and justice prevailing. I have faith that good things will happen at the convention and we will have a people's president. Or else, I'm writing him in. :D


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