Disappointment in leadership, hoping for the best

But, what can you do? The ball is in their court and they are going to have to own up to their choice in Clinton. Just seems so twilight zone feeling or 1984. Why are there 3-4 voices about the political sphere and yet we only hear 2? There are probably more opinions and ideas but only 2 are heard and the rest are shunned. It's a shame because most of us, the regular, everyday people who don't get a fair shake when it comes to having our opinions expressed...meaning the educators, the working poor, the middle class, minority groups and elderly. Ah, well. I still have faith in people and especially in cleaning congress out. If Clinton has to be the DNC choice, and wins, I hope she'll do exceptional things. The fear is that people who needed leadership that directly influenced their lives and understood the horrible imbalance of power going to the 1%, will be swayed into voting for Trump. I fear this too, unfortunately. Why ? It's because we're fed so much propaganda on TV that we don't know we have choices. Sadly, we're channeled into the, us against them...when we're all really connected. Most people, if they met Trump would be shunned by him because they didn't =$$. Sadly, the same is true for Clinton. I hope that, if we have to have one or the other, Clinton makes it and does put the people first...which, sadly, I doubt.

In the mean time, I will vote my conscience and write in Bernie. I like Jill Stein and if there is some miracle that brings them together, all the better.

I wonder what the next Clinton issue will be. My biggest hope is she'll raise the minimum wage to $15 (higher will be better), that Congress will change and make her turn ultra progressive and lift up America. I'm trying to be positive and see things from a different perspective then my bitterness. What will be, will be. Presidents can't do that much, as we saw with Obama (unfortunately) but, we the people can, influence Congress. :) So all is not lost. Sure, it sucks big time and I could rant for paragraphs at my frustration but smarter writers have done this already. I must say that I am amazed at my America and how we are all rallying together to make positive change with Bernie. I still believe good things will/are growing from this. I know this has inspired my children and countless others. I feel Bernie probably has created the most inspiration in young hearts that any modern politician has done in a long time.


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