Sad events in Baltimore

I was reading the news and various programs on Baltimore. It's very sad when a life is lost for no reason and I'm so sorry for how people are treated. It hurts your heart because it could be you there or someone you know and love. 


I don't think people and especially police need to use such aggressive force. There is something wrong about this. I don't want this to happen to anyone. I'm sharing this from colorlines because we need to say no. This is not right and this is not fair and people nee to be held accountable for their actions.

I also wanted to write about how it's easy to lash out at people who are (finally) making a loud noise and to point fingers at anger misdirected. If I recall Russian peasants burned their haystacks when protesting against their oppressors. There is something, something so frightening about this...why, not because of the fire/destruction but because we are REPEATING history. When injustice happens and no authority figure is held accountable for repeated offenses, you get this reaction. 

The other part of this is a red herring. What really is happening here? Why did this come about? It comes down to greed. If there is huge amounts of greed/hoarding of wealth, that means someone is not getting fairly treated. These meme's explain it much better than I ever could:

Yes, they are kids and they are acting out. Is it right? No. Is it right to protest? Yes. Should we just focus on the kids or why this happened in the first place? This is something that affects every person regardless of the color of your skin because we all want to be treated fairly and have a sense there is justice in our little worlds/lives. 


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