Woo hoo!

I have been having issues with ads on my blog and have been trying to iron them out...as not to have any annoying things happening when viewing my old blog. Good grief...I'd load it to check and it would jump to an entirely different webpage for a product. If you viewed my blog and this happened, let me know. I've been "scrubbing down" the html of old trying to banish any adwear (I think that's what it's called). I checked it 4 or 5 times and that seems to have done the trick. But please, if anyone has an issue (or if this has happened to you) let me know and I will try to rectify things.

Another annoying thing was apparently flickr stopped having their cool sharing feature to plunk on your blog since blogger/google changed. This depressed me as I loved being able to upload things quickly and sort of a 2 for 1 deal (would upload on your blog). Anyway, I found out that feature is gone too. darn it. So, I will try and share links more often. I think this is why I have been so drawn to FB...so easy to share/post as well as Tumblr. Yes, I am on both. I'm still not caught on with twitter but it's fun to watch/read/share a wee bit.

My other distraction has been pinterest. Lord, that place is pure visual candy. :D I wish blogger would do faces on here...but then, again, maybe it's fine just the way it is. I've got to create some new banners for the blog but am glad I got the winter snow theme down. Of course, today we're having a pinch of snow...I wore my jean jacket and realized man, that is like wearing paper. Not good.

I need to dust off my camera and do some new photos. Nothing major to share just things I'm working on, making messes with and so forth. I guess I should be glad that it is cold as I'm getting some art things worked on.

Some super great news...I've been accepted into the Teaching certification program. Now, I'm waiting to get my classes as I have to get things ironed out with the schools having a glitch with my transcripts...which is very annoying and delaying me more than I like. I feel like I'm stuck in that play, Waiting for Godot. I know it will work out (it better) and things will be fast passed and crazy soon enough.

I've written to 1 school to ask about volunteering with their students for my working experience. I'm excited about this. I'll be subbing as well (now, that is another huge pile of paperwork...wow). It's nearly as intense when I got validated for working with the library to do passports. Eventually, it all gets accomplished...just not at the pace you want to go at...isn't that life for you?

In other works, I'm still doing my art, of course. I'm selling at a little shop close by, online and I aim to get more of my work out there/published. So, I'll be doing this as well. It's good to get my feet wet again and feel like I have something to share and say.

Well, I have things to do and I've got to do them. Just glad to have my blog bug free (I hope!)!


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