Tuesday Toots

Thought I'd write a little. Things are progressing in terms of me going back to school. For some reason, my transcripts are having an issue. Is it because I'm from out of state? I wonder. All I know is I'm doing piles of paperwork...well, and getting paperwork done for subbing as well. I feel like I'm getting things rolling and that's a good place to be at. I just feel like I really need to have concrete proof of things happening...like being enrolled in my summer classes and dates to go to meetings for subbing and volunteering. I know this is partially my anxiety so, deep breaths and things will happen soon enough. :D

In other news, we are getting our big tree cut down. Well, I'm sitting here waiting for the guys to show up. I feel badly about it but it's time. The people who planted it placed it too close to the road and it has been hit by cars several times over the years. Now, it's blocking sun from getting to our garden and it could fall on the garden/persons...so, time to go. I remember that story by Hans Christian Anderson...the one where the tree is old and the gardener says it's time to cut it down but the owners don't listen. It crashes down and destroys their home and nearly kills the people. So, I am sad but understand it needs to go. My son, Harry, not so much and he is going to be very sad. Thankfully, Lydia has gotten a tree from school (and possibly several more) to plant. Baby crab apple trees! So, it will be a nice way to say good-bye to this old maple.

Speaking of trees...since we moved here over 12 years ago, we've planted over 12 trees. So, I think that's pretty cool. I would love more fruit trees...we had 2; pear and peach buy they died, unfortunately. I think we might try and go to a greenhouse for some and see if we have better luck.

I think waiting is my least favorite thing to do but what are you going to do? At least I did some productive things...repaired a ripped pillow, cleaning up, light chores, and thinking of art projects to do. All in all, things are progressing.


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