Beautiful day

It's Wednesday and the sky is clear, blue and sunny. Yesterday was gloomy and cloudy and later in the week, possible rain and maybe a little snow.

I'm feeling sluggish after a run around with the kids this AM. I should go shopping but don't feel like it and I should do more chores but don't feel like it. I could do some art but feel sluggish. Maybe a walk. Either way, I need to get going and do something.

I feel like I'm waiting constantly and it's stuff, little annoyances, stuff being dropped by other people and me waiting. I'm glad we're taking things easy but sometimes, it feels like you've got to be more of a squeaky wheel...I guess that's normal.

I'm annoyed I lost my pep after this AM. Plus, I misplaced my glasses, again. At least the dining room table is cleared off and I could either sand/paint it or else start some sewing projects. So much to do and I feel blah.

At least the day is gorgeous. Have a good one!


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