Art and things...

Okay, I confess I've watched a bit too many youtube and facebook videos. The last one was a woman "fishing" snakes out of the water. She got struck by one (or two) and I nearly fainted. Why did I watch that? Another time, I watched a home video of some kids showing what not to do at school (like a how to for school behavior,etc). Well, the shaking of the video made me feel so dizzy I had to lay down. I will not share this as I don't want to give anyone else vertigo. 

So, I'm going to limit my video watching (yeah, right) or at least try to watch things in moderation. I will say, I did see a great movie the other day. It was in Italian so I had to read subtitles...annoying when you want to do art and watch a movie. It's called,  Garobaldi's Lovers. So good!! Of course, being an artist, I loved that it was about an artist in part and there are such lovely eccentric characters treated with decency and humor. Love it! Plus, a ghost. Now, who could ask for more? :D 

Here's a little comic I did. I didn't use the flash on my camera....perhaps, I should have. I might do some more with a similar theme. It was fun and actually refreshing to finish a story line in a few panels. I did about 4 edits to get it about right. I see some things I can work on but for my first one, I'm happy with it. 


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