Summer storms are upon us

I feel the change of weather in my bones. It's not pleasant. Today was a beautiful, hot day...I loved it! As I looked at our gardens, I thought, grow, grow, grow little seedlings. :) It made me happy to think they were doubling their size in this warmth, like living inside a damp dryer. Wonderful feeling~

peonies! They actually bloomed this year
I was so exhausted yesterday...I didn't know there was supposed to be some more storms coming and just felt as if someone had put me in sleep mode. Now, I know why. I'm praying for the people who are in the path of these current storms. I hear tornadoes were involved. It's scary how much weather we're getting...everything seems off and imbalanced in this regards. I'm truly praying we do not have a winter like last year as I will not want to stay in Pennsylvania any more....seriously. I'd rather put up with earthquakes and heat.

mountain laurel!
We watched a film on Siberia awhile back and they showed how parts of it were infested with mosquitoes. We've got the same issue. Thank God we don't live in a place with even shorter summer...I wouldn't be able to stand it. Certainly, the people seemed to be able to live in such climate and yet, even they could barely seem to tolerate it all. No, I'd much rather have civilization even if it means more rules and so on.

honey moon
In other news, working on lots of art pieces and trying to get more done. I feel a bit stressed out as I will have the kids with me all day but we'll have summer camps and things to go to. Still, it's more work and keeping them involved. I'm hoping to get them inspired into finishing a few long running projects they are working on. We shall see.

Mermaid and shellphone
As for my self, I'm plugging along. Thinking of some long range ideas and's all good stuff. Now, isn't the time to write as I feel really tired...the storm front changing and just good ol tired from a long day.  I can't believe I actually mowed part of the lawn. It was a good mini work out. lol


playing with his shapes...

clover leaves (I think)


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