a good walk will do that to you

I'm feeling poetic today. I don't care if it's gotten a bit cold again...it's sunny, the air is sweet with moist soil, the plants and grass are starting to turn green and it feels like spring. :)

It feels like something has changed, at last. This winter was brutal but it is oh, so nice to have emerged from it and have blessed warmer days ahead. I also feel like a dark heavy cloud has lifted a little in regards to family having left us. I admit it was very hard to be far away from family when I lost my aunts and dad. It wasn't easy. What has helped is nearly finishing my dad's urn and making small tokens of love/memories in his honor.

Life continues, regardless of what we're feeling. But it is so nice when the sky is gray and rainy on the days you feel like crying.

I'm glad for things changing and going on. It's a good thing and makes you remember that life is supposed to do that. It's easy to forget with distractions but it's much better to be still and see or walk and feel the wind upon your face.


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