Working on various projects

Seems like I finally have energy to do some art and not feel too worn down by the weather. Of course, I write this just when the weather is warming up, finally, to 44 degrees. :) Still, it's nice to see Spring finally stepping forward, shyly, from the clock of Winter.

It's past my bedtime. I'm trying to go to bed earlier lately, 9pm. I feel like I get more done and have a lot more energy plus, I noticed huge dark circles under my eyes from being sick and not a good night schedule. So, I'm trying to help my self by sleeping more and regularly. I hope it works and will have to start again now with Spring forward. I honestly thought it was an hour to sleep in but was wrong. How'd I forget that? Ah, well...thankfully, I caught this before the actual day.

This week was so cute with the preschoolers and Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration. They had wacky sock and clothing day, green eggs and ham and all sorts of special days. I love that. I really think it should be all month long. Nothing too extreme, just silly things to keep your spirits up. I feel a bit annoyed my older kids are acting like they are too cool. Oh, well...I'll find a way to make things fun for them.

One of my exciting things I found was iron on paper for your printer. I LOVE this stuff! Once I figured out how to do it (you have to put the paper in the printer), I've been making iron on's for several projects and I have some ideas for tee-shirts for the kids. My youngest loves Super Mario Galaxy and anything space related. So, I'm going to design him a tee shirt iron on. It's going to be fun. :) We're in the process of painting his room as well...and I got him Mario decals. I must admit, it's fun to see his face when we got them.

I've got so much to think about in terms of house stuff and fixing up. We're still getting supplies together to fix our kitchen ceiling. I have other ideas as well...mostly clean up/out ideas. lol It's all good.

Well, I've gotta go. I'm starting to feel very tired. I still can't believe how many times our dogs have broken open the fence to get out. Geesh! They seem to have gotten spring fever...even after walkies!


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