I needed to see some color on here and these gorgeous roses felt just right. They were from my wedding anniversary. Now, they are in the compost bin. I need to get some new pretties to brighten up the place.

I did some lovely origami and will be taking some photos soon. There is supposed to be a storm coming in but right now, it's more of anemic or nothing at all. Oh, well. It was funny being part of the crowd yesterday trying to get goods, just in case. Now, I wish I had gotten some chips or almonds. Dang.

We've got a huge pile of wood ready on the back porch...the kids helped load up the sled and drag it to the house. Using sleds in the winter is such a great idea. I like using them in the summer, even! I found out a lot of gardeners do this as well. Saves time and your hands. :)

My house is messy but warm and comfy. Just the way I like it. Some people can't stand messes and I pity them as it really can make one so busy, busy, busy you forget to have fun, relax, make things and enjoy your precious time. Sure, it's good to have a day of cleaning and sorting...or even an hour a day helps. But not constantly. I'm saying this after I just spent about 4 hrs clearing out clutter, filled 3 boxes of books to donate and am eyeballing another shelf to sort. It's really nice to make way for things and oddly, once you give away things you earn back space and feel like you have more. Plus, I like the mental idea of giving things away so that others can enjoy it. It's refreshing and liberating. In addition, I've found some fun photos, more art supplies and it makes you feel like you've got a handle on clutter. anyway, enough of that stuff.

I need to think of recipes and what to make for dinner. I think I'm going to make some rice, bok choy and will get some take out Chinese to go with. I guess it's good the snow isn't falling yet. lol I'm starting to think it will pass us by but it's still early.

Have a good Sunday!


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